Invitation to play in PUP (Public Update Preview)

Hello guys!

Some of you may have seen this update on Steam:

I think this is a great opportunity to provide feedback about the state of the game and help a bit.

The only problem about this is that I can’t connect to any player and check MP mode. I can’t find other players in there.

Due to work schedule, I can only play Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm GMT -5.

If you wanna play with me, you can find me at my Steam account:

I’m around 600 ELO if that gives you confidence xD.

The main reason I want to try that server is beacuse I’ve experienced crashes for since #LotW patch and I’d really like to help the Devs with fixing the game.

I’ve seen an improvement and now I’ve had 30minute games without crashing, but several lag pikes along the game.

I hope this brings tons of people and a solution is already on its way.

49 days with crashes, people :frowning:

We need help.

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I’m on the very same boat. Just installing the march PUP, is that only 50 MB? really? if marchs upate does not fix the crashes… I dont know.

UPDATE: although performance looks much better im still having crashes SIGH, tried several games vs AI. Game is not creating AoE2DE_s.mdmp nor a 2019.11.26-11.27.23.txt log file so whatever! best of wishes to devs and everyone! hope you doing fine. Hoping to be able to play again my favorite game soon, cheers!