Irregular Piracy Returns

The Mongol technology “Piracy” seems to be very irregular on the return. I can’t really pin-point it, but I launched a game against the AI with max resources in Imperial and Piracy was consistently…well…inconsistent with it returns. You can sink a dozen chips and not get a single return from piracy and then you get the random income.

I tried sinking every type of ship (Transport, Trade, Military, Fishing, etc.), thinking that some ships did not offer the income, but that wasn’t it. Sometimes it would trickle for fishing ships, sometimes it wouldn’t…Sometimes it would proc for military ships, sometimes it wouldn’t.

Then, I thought it had something to do with having max resources, so I built a market and drained my wood and gold down to 80k, but it still didn’t change the results.

To the best of my ability, it SEEMS like there is some kind of hidden 1 minute cooldown on the returns? If this is the case, it is either a bug or something that should be specified in the tooltip.

Edit: Also, when it does work, it only gives +25 Wood and Gold, not the listed +50.

Edit2: Yeah, no. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it triggers. Sometimes I’ll get two within seconds of each other, other times I only get it every 5+ minutes.

Thank you @LocTalon! I’ve logged this so the team can check it out. Appreciate it!

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Just tryna do my part!

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