Irregulars Otto change?

As the only 2 civs with the cav archer , russian & otto cav archers have little differentiating them except a few things

Russia - +20% HP & 10% atk (due to the age 1 card and royal guard)

Otto - 100% damage vs vils.

Makes otto cav archer kinda niche.

maybe a change then is to change the irregulars card a bit

something like - 10-20% atk (or maybe just 15% rof decrease) and just negating the 0.5 bonus vs vils (right now it gives net bonus of 1.25)


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I think it’s fine as it is, the card is great fun to use.


Sometimes as Otto you have to use cav archers, like facing mass Spanish lancers, Janissaries get absolutely destroyed lol.