Is 9 mins imperial possible for HRE?

yea my decision to defer to the devs after being described something, that we are in agreeance isn’t possible (9 minute imp with military), is definitely the most toxic behavior on display in this thread.

look if it is a troll post the absolute worst way to deal with it is actually engaging in the argument the troll is trying to instigate… if you don’t give them what they want a lot of times they hop on a second account and try and re-instigate like it isn’t obvious.

if the guy was malding and confused about how he lost, asking questions that force him to reflect will be far more effective at having him admit his mistakes, if not to the community at least to himself, if he truly has interest in improving. if not that’s his business it’s not mine, nor your, responsibility to enforce honest transparency in an online community. I find this communities tendency to disbelieve in hacking as toxic as the bad players blaming their losses on an opponent hacking/civ/unit/etc. I personally have a ticket with Customer Support currently do to a desync issue that only seems to happen when im winning the game (sample size in the low dozens without a single outlier tho)… in my research of my symptoms i found multiple websites distributing hacks for the active patch with everything from resource bonuses to map/drop hacks (i reported each of them to CS). each of these sites had hundreds to low thousands of participants. This game only has 10-12 thousand daily concurrent players according to steam, even with people having multiple accounts that’s a HUGE percentage. to act like people aren’t hacking or you need definitive proof before even reporting someone is ableist and, put plainly, ignorant. just food for thought

have a good one