Is Age of Empires III's campaign the best of the franchise?

Personally, I really enjoyed playing the campaign, more than the original Age of Empires. I really wasn’t immersed as well as Age3 did. What’s your opinion?

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Not really. War chief and Asian dynasties do add a lot though. Give them a try instead.

No. Huns campaign is the best. Or may be Rise of Rome.

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Ah, an Age III campaign fan! I liked Age III’s Warchiefs campaigns but found the original and Asian Dynasties campaigns disappointing–the writing was awful and there were weird storyline disconnects where the characters had little explanation for going where they were going. Also, most of the characters had little backstory or character development. I personally found the Age of Mythology campaign better–still some weird writing and disconnects, but the characters were better fleshed out.

My favorite campaigns are still the Age of Empires II campaigns–the narration and accompanying music alone were excellent and really added historical flavor (though the campaigns did have some errors–Genghis Khan didn’t live to be 80 for example). The Age II campaigns also had excellent missions, with lots of variety. Even the typical build and destroy scenarios had some odd quirks to them, and other scenarios, like The Sleeping Emperor (timed build and destroy/escort mission) or The Lion and the Demon (defend the wonder at its most nail-biting), are absolutely exhilarating to play.

Mythdracon forgot to mention the gameplay. It’s one of the worst campaigns I’ve ever played. AoM isn’t good either.

Well yeah, the gameplay in Age III’s campaigns wasn’t great. But I like the gameplay in the Age of Mythology campaigns.

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by comparison of gameplays on youtube AoE and RoN franchise are far better and realistic then the rest of the civilization type rts out there

Romans legionnaires in middle age even far. Yeah very accurate.
0 A.D have better accuracy. Inspired by AoE3 and total war.

I personally enjoyed all the AoE3 campaigns (including The Asian Dynadties and The War Chiefs).