Is anyone able to play campaign without crashing?

Steam, PC passes all benchmarks, 8GB of Ram. Everyone seems to be having the same issue - game crashes either when starting campaign or at some point during it. No solution presented so far.

So is anyone actually playing through campaign without it crashing? If so how? So many of us have pcs that are supposed to run the game fine, and it is utterly mystifying why these crashes are happening if there are some players who are not getting them?

i only played the first cumans campaign, game froze for 10-20 secs during the loading screen but after that it worked fine. i got 8Gb of Ram and a GTX 1050 (laptop).

I am able to play them on hard setting without crashes.
Please check here if there is something that could address your problem.
Usually it’s antivirus software messing up the users game experience if hardware meets requirements and all drivers are updated.