Is AoE II 2013 still relevant?

I love the Game since 2005 and I lke the Older Vision from the game and love to play with my friends on Steam!!

The Developers from the game will keep going to update or make something on the 2013 HD version?

No, all development efforts go to the Definitive Edition now.


Get your own conclusions.


Microsoft quit developing aoe2 HD since early 2017. There won’t be any patches for aoe2 2013, meaning the ELO bug will be bugged forever.

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I think the HD edition will stay relevant for some modders or AI engineers, maybe.

It’ll be the game to buy if your computer has low specs.

Most of the competitive HD players had already moved to Voobly a long time ago (even before HD) and they will keep their community over there as long as DE can’t properly compete with everything Voobly has to offer (though most of pro-players are currently playing DE to climb the ladder and explore the new meta). We often see streamers on Twitch switching from DE to Voobly or the other way depending on what they’re looking for.

It’d be nice if HD and DE players could meet, everyone with their own graphics and resolutions: new civs should therefore be brought to HD but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Most likely Voobly modders will patch the new civ for Voobly, but how???

The ONE thing HD has is the buggy El Dorado campaign (I’m looking at you, ghost transport ship!). Most of the campaigns play differently though. Speedrunners may want to stick to HD for DE brought a lot of little changes and made a few speedruns impossible to perform anymore (I’m thinking Joan of Arc 1 and 6, the speedrun is still possible for the Orléans mission). However, I don’t think AoE2 has a strong speedrunning sub-community…

It has an incredible speedrunner though. Some DE scenarios might need different run strategy than in HD, but it is okay, more to discover :smiley:


Still thousands of players over in HD.

I’m a one too, love the new version but the classic vision of the game and to be more light weight is still my best option from the older computers

I wiil keep playing both :smile:

Yes. HD is still good for:
Lower spec computers.
A preference for the older graphics.
A preference for Voobly as the multiplayer client.

And there’s also the chance for a mod to bring the new civs and balance to the old engine, but I don’t know how that would work.

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HD won’t receive support anymore. So don’t expect a mod to give you all the new civs and balances

We’ll see. Forgotten Empires started as a fan mod for the original CD Age of Conquerors, you know. And that was after Microsoft stopped support for Age of Conquerors.
So we’ll see what happens about something similar for HD.

It’s official that HD won’t receive support. Not just a wild guess.