Is AoE II:DE Still Happening?


@“PhatFish AoEH” said:
Besides a DE edition for AoE2 being basically overkill since AoE2 already has been milked to the bone and redone, the bad decision making at the top (MS, most likely, referring to the half finished AoE DE and lack of support after release), they are not getting my money anymore.

Sure if you still have faith and trust go ahead and buy when AoE2 DE is released. Just don’t feel bad and complain if you are left in dust afterwards.

I hear you. My main excitement for AoE II:DE is centered around a remastered soundtrack.


I think it really depends on how well AoE: DE sold; I don’t know if MS release sales figures (probably not) but given the obvious restrictions of it being Windows 10 and MS Store-exclusive, it’s very possible that it failed to meet expectations. If this is the case, MS may well have decided to cut their losses and cease further support. (Incidentally, this is what eventually happened with Relic and Dawn of War III.)

Of course, the fact that MS do not use their forum to communicate with their customers means we can only speculate for now.