Is AoE III DE dying

At least one AoE3 player per day: omg guys is the game dying


Options for a higher pop cap would save it😂

People like that clearly must be very young and are raised on this new multiplayer breed of always-online games. The vast, VAST majority of classic games, including RTS games stopped receiving any expansions years and sometimes decades before they ‘died’ out, before being replaced with sequels. Many just go on.
You can play this game even if it doesn’t receive new event or factions, just like you could with OG AoE III or other installments.

It’s especially crazy to say this game is dead in the context of this specific genre.
Game received a remaster after 15 years! After that it got TONS of updates, free and paid civs, expansion.

Original AoE III Complete Edition had 14 civs. In 3DE we have 22 civs!
I’m not going to reinstall old game to count, but it feels like we have at least 3x number of maps. And that’s on top thousands of small tweaks, changes, new systems, mechanics, cards, units, many minor civs and now Noble Houses etc.

Even if (somehow) official servers go down, on PC there are ways around that. How can a game like that ‘die’? Even AoE: Online that was shut down, lives as expanded, free fan revival project.

Yeah, game is dying. How heartbreaking! We should tell that Age of Mythology fans. Or Empire Earth fans. Or Command and Conquers fans. Or Battle for Middle Earth fans. Or WarCraft fans. Or Starcraft fans. Or Dawn of War fans. Or Rise of Nations fans. Or Supreme Commander fans.
I’m sure they will shed a tear hearing about our misfortunes :slight_smile:

BTW At least Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire fans will be getting something.


I do not understand why people think that AOE4 is reviving. The game had a spike of concurrent players in laterAugust and now it’s down by 50% at just over 15.000 players. AOE2 is stable at 20k. AOE3 is 4-5k.


One thing that would motivate me to play this game more and I imagine that like some old players, it would be to speed up the deck rework of the European civis, It is being very slow, a little more than 6 months ago when they started with the British I’m afraid it would take them without exaggeration 2 more years to finish the remaining 6, 2 more years I don’t know if the game is really alive at that moment, it would be good if they at least launch 2 rework, at least personally they motivate me I like to read the patches, the competitive one is getting to me in a certain turtle start, or in team, the exaggerated versatility of modern civis (Mexico / USA / Ethiopia)

They also did all 3 warchiefs civs, the Chinese and the Inca. I don’t think theyre moving that slow.

I wouldnt be surprised to see French or Germans next tho, lots of usable assets for them in KotM.

Portugese will probably come when the eventual Brazilians get added.

Sí,yo también…de hecho yo estoy variando de AoEs;actualmente el AoE que más estoy jugando es el AoE Online y cada tanto vuelvo al 2 DE y al 3 DE por los eventos;del AoE 4 solo tengo para hacer las maestrías nomás…

Of course, in fact there is almost no RTS of the colonial era besides AoE 3:Empire Total War, Shogun 2 Total War, the Cossacks saga and American Conquest and nothing else…

It would have been weird the same, plus Microsoft wasn’t going to squander the hook of the name “AoE 3” to attract AoE 2 players; the fault for it failing lies with the AoE 2 players, who had another “AoE 3” in mind… I as I started directly with AoE 3 that nostalgia for AoE 2 does not affect me in the least…

Yes, that is AoE 3 and AoE 4 feed off each other, AoE 4 receives new players and some of those players may decide to try AoE 3 and end up keeping the game…and in turn, they can use AoE 3 as a testing ground to then implement more unique mechanics in AoE 4…everyone wins…

For fear of alienating new and old players and the same thing happens to them that happened with AoE 3 that went from innovators and many fans of AoE 2 crucified them for it xd…

Of course that is the idea, in fact the stealth of the units and the experience for the Ottomans and the buildings that collect resources automatically are concepts of AoE 3…

Worse, if you consider that TAD came out in 2007, although its mobile version came out in 2010…

I would still prefer the AoE 3 DE and the AoEO to a possible AoM DE… although they would still all be wonderful games… in fact I want an AoM DE for the simple fact that Arkantos and Castor deserve it…

Of course if AoE 3 is dying, which is left to the rest of the sagas you mentioned…AoM doesn’t even have a DE version… Empire Earth was dismembered by EE3,CnC was reduced to a mobile game at the level of Clash Royale with CnC Rivals,Warcraft was consumed by WoW,Starcraft is in a fallen layer,DoW became a MOBA in the year 40k,and BftME,RoN and SupCom were left without a third installment…

Is 3 DE really losing many players to 4? 4 itself seems to be in decline. 3 has always been a niche game without a large playerbase. 3DE will be fine for several more years.


Yes, AoE 3 already has its player base and it’s not going up or down… between 6000 and 9000 players will stay and already… instead AoE 4 can surpass AoE 2 in numbers of players or stagnate between AoE 2 and AoE 3…

Seems that not yet


In the patch notes they do say a special event is upcoming!

Also, keep in mind Bert said there’d be announcements before October 25th too.

No, it’s not. I hope I have answered your question


mmm yes, i gave up on aoe3 DE, same bugs after 2 years. And im sure aoe4 its the same, so i just changed to better games

and i dont have people to play age 3 de as before

IV cannot replace III for me. Because IV has neither the Pirates of the Caribbean nor the Western Gunslingers.


Almost 12 hrs and only one post to the board. This means something.

I liked AoM a lot more than this and played it a lot more thru the years, I think it has a great polish, fun game modes, and was even way better in its prime than any of their games. AoE3 is like a weird game, it’s AoM with rifles and shipments to simplify the simple process even more. I recently came back to learn the game and mastered it in ~1-2 months. I wouldn’t say it’s their best game but it’s certainly unique.

That being said I’m sure there will always be games on it. AoE4 is entirely different, new devs, and has glaring issues where only non-rts/totally new players could ever actually support it based on being tricked they’re supporting the ‘entire series’. It was a brandsteal to sell an incomplete game, that ended up under-developed, not even map editors that added many gamemodes and years of variety to the others, it’s plain and simple.

When you tell a totally new team of devs to develop a game series where the old devs retired already and made their last game over 10 years ago it’s purely a marketing ploy. It ended up not being good and having glaring gameplay issues that make it boring, aside from the childish agendas such as female khans- it feels entirely like it was made purely for 10 year olds and quick cash not to please any sort of hotties.

Imo even AoE3, being one of their weirdest games, is still better than AoE4 by the new devs, not for any favoritism or dumb false idea that ‘old is better’ but because it actually has more things and functions better. Any player would do better to just learn a civ and have some fun on AoE3 than to learn the ‘1 unit-1 siege type’ meta that is just boring and result of AoE4’s stagnant development. It was 1$ to try, should have been 1-10$ anywhere based on its performance.