Is AoE III DE dying

That’s odd. I thought the maximum was usually 5,000. The ranked leaderboard is probably what threw me off. I don’t understand why ranked is so sparsely populated.

There’s a high percentage of people who only play singlePlayer


It seems that Age 3 has reached its end, and I doubt the new DLC will revive it. Let’s await AoM to put the final nail in the coffin.

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The fact that this thread is two years old tells enough about how much of this is mere fatalism and how much of this actually talks about the state of the game.


A lot of people don’t play ranked but play The Art of War, Campaigns, Historical Battles both solo and Co-Op versions, single player Skirmish and multiplayer unranked lobby games.

I am such a player. I host a lot of comp stomps and so many players who have joined over the years had no ranked games played at all on DE.

Not everyone likes the ranked experience of facing try hards, cheaters or smurfs that is much more common in ranked then non ranked games not to mention having to learn how to play the meta.

I used to play ranked games in legacy AoE III but they were never as fun as any kind of unranked games I had played with people especially on custom maps trying all sort of things out for fun that I wouldn’t do in ranked games because I wouldn’t want to lose.


In aoe3 there are a lot of treaty players, infinite resources players and AI players

Aoe3 has been dying since 2006, change my mind.


If its popularity starts to drop significantly, I wont be pleased. AOE may have had limited a amount of players, but it’s still alive (but just barely).


The forum of AoE IV would like t have as many likes in comments as here.

As it stands now, AoE III:DE is in a very good state:

  • Historical Representation:” Since the Definitive Edition, the historical representation has improved so much that now one can play several civs with the love of representing European or colonial armies with great quality in HD.
  • Spaniards who no longer suck:” By advancing in age with the Logista and 1st age cards, you can play with Spaniards calmly and with your build of conquerors very happy.
  • Varied maps”: The number of maps is abysmal, and there is practically enough to play in many ways, with many builds and enjoyment both in multiplayer and against the AI.
  • INCREDIBLE MODS”: The “New World” mod is the closest thing to a Wars of Liberty, adding dozens of new civs, fandom civs, quite cool, adding hundreds of hours to the gameplay.
  • Monthly Event:” Also, monthly heroes only give reason to play it at least weekly for the bigger prize.

In fact, I stopped playing AoE IV since 1 month ago. There are no events, and there is not much to discuss on their forum either. Worse, some users believe that because they are Ranked diamond or Conquerors they have to bring it up every time they comment, which only discourages commenting.

AoE IV should take a cue from many of the things AoE III Definitive Edition did well, and its fanbase would rise even further. Among them:

1.- Varied fauna

2.- Unit improvements that do not boil down to dividing the armor color into Copper, Silver and Gold (I think many units would look better in AoE IV if this pattern were not followed). If AoE III would had fallen into IV’s mistake of categorizing promotions into color patterns, the Redcoats would have a golden cap, and all napoleonic era units would look as golden warriors from EL DORADO (“yuck”…)

3.- More historical unique units: We have the Holy Roman Empire, but it does not have ######## of Landsknecht with Pikes, nor with Arcabuz, nor Black Reiters. Even Medieval Total War has these types of units for its version of the HRE. Now, I understand the original reasons why: At the release time, the devs wanted to limit the unique units of all the civs (3 or 4) for balance issues, and therefore the HRE already had 3 unique things with its men-at-arm, prelate and landsknecht. But time changes, and now that they release out Japan with 13 unique units, there is no excuse, and it has been shown that the game can improve with more historical representation. AoE III:DE did it, and I, a former hater of the Vanilla game, have now become a fan of the Definitive Edition version.

4.- More death animations: Such as from a cannonball, flying away, burning, etc. Starcraft I did it, vanilla AoE III too, AoM too. That they didn’t do it for AoE IV is really unfortunate.

If I had to say how many things have been fixed in AoE IV since it came out, and that it already had AoE III DE, it would be very long.

Happily, both games can still grow YET MORE:

  • AoE III has room for many other civs, and perhaps even “Historical Campaigns”. Just as AoE 2 DE has just released a DLC with only campaigns, AoE iii DE could do the same, and finally fulfill the intro, and have a proper Napoleonic campaign.

  • Hopefully the AoE 3 DLC also achieves a new increase in its playerbase, as I said the game still needs to grow more.


Somos una comunidad que se mantiene, subimos y viajamos y luego nos equilibramos. Estamos en temporada baja, es eso. Veremos muchas gente emocionada en octubre con las noticias del nuevo DLC.


Why do people feel so compelled to write like they were doing business presentations in this forum?

At any rate, no, Starcraft I didn’t have multiple death anims per unit. In fact I’m not even sure what led you to believe that was the case.

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The game is far from dying. Just look at the player counts on steamDB.

We’ve been averaging 4k+ every month since the FTP demo release (a 25% increase from last year) and have been completely stable for 6 months. AOE4 didn’t kill this game and neither will AOMR. In fact, I think AOMR is going to hit AOE4 hard but leave us mostly untouched, and we should see a boost with the Danes/Poles DLC.

So quit the fatalism.


I don’t know about SC1, but SC2 also pays a lot of attention to these types of detail

Yes, anyway, with the last dlc, its number of players improved a lot…

Yes, I agree, with the Baltic DLC France and Germany will have a strong rework (I hope they give more UU to the French) or include the UU from Revolutionary France to normal France (to go from 2 UU to 4 UU) …and the Portuguese will receive their rework when they add Brazil as a civ (2 UU more maybe and make it 5 UU?)…

Yes, I hope they solve that with the Baltic DLC…

I agree, I bought AoE3 because of the musketeers and I was fascinated to see that it has pirates, Cowboys with TWC and Ninjas and Samurais with TAD…

Yes, I agree, until AoE 3 (or AoEO) the saga had been evolving and with AoE 4 it had a strong setback and involution… I hope that with the new AoE 4 dlcs the evolution of the saga will resume, including the genre, towards forward…

I think they are going to continue releasing dlcs, since next year the game turns 5 years old (and the original 20 years old), so after launching the dlc at the end of the year, 2 more dlcs will come at least the year It comes and then it’s a mystery, because they will surely focus on dlcs for Retold…

The thing is that they are only interested in AoE 2…the rest there in the dark…

That was before, now the game reaches up to 7500 at least…

Yes, I always say not to be fatalistic… dlcs will continue to arrive, slowly, but they will continue to arrive…

Yes, that’s why I don’t play ranked… I prefer to play multiplayer casually (I already passed all the single player on easy and moderate)… I have like 1500 hours and I only played with just 5 civs…

Since they decided not to put the European theater in 2004 xd…

AoE never dies, even if 2 people around the world play it…

Yes, I agree…it is a suitable place, I hope it picks up with the Baltic DLC at Christmas…

Yes, I couldn’t have said it better, I ask for exactly the same thing, especially the HRE; before, when the game came out, I liked the civ, but now it is very far behind the rest of the civs, even the English and the Order, which are Simple civs have greater variability, the HRE is only Landsknecht and Prelate and nothing more… it lacks the Teutonic Knight, the Hussite Wagon and the Reiter…

Yes, I agree, but I doubt they will add new campaigns because it takes time and money…maybe they will release a dlc with 15-20 battles/historical maps like with VaV in 2 DE…although a dlc with campaigns for Suleiman (1526 -1566), Gustavus Adolphus (1629-1632) and Napoleon (1792-1815) with 5 missions each would be incredible…

Sí, eso olvidate…nacimos con AoE 3 y moriremos con AoE 3…

Yes, the same thing I say… the game remains at 7000-7500 players, it has half of AoE 2 but AoE 3 is and will be fine… and the Baltic DLC will bring the game back up to 9000 players…

SC2 at least yes, because SC1 had its limitations from the late 90s, while SC2 allows it since it is a much more modern game and with better detailed units given the redundancy…


just posted a pic showing aoe3 is doing decent despite everything

doomer post

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Si, exacto. Según las estadisticas nos mantenemos estables en los cinco mil jugadores.
Esperemos que las cosas mejoren con el nuevo contenido descargable y AOM que seguramente mejorará el motor de nuestro amado 3DE.


Si, AoM y AoE 3 pueden retroalimentarse entre si, con muchos jugadores yendo y viniendo entre juegos…


maybe they shouldn’t focus on the tryhard competitive community that much from AoE2 and give the singleplayer people more appreciation lol

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I don’t see anything which is focused on tryhard competitve community in the patches? If anything, most patches and addition are non-competitve, bad balance and geared towards singleplayers buyers. New modes, skins, bazillion new units etc.


Yeah okay, that’s true but partially because this is only recent and not complete as it could be if the game got real love; the game was dead for about 15 years or more and when they stop working on it for a while nowadays, it dies again occasionally lol… most of those new modes are intended to be played with people, i tried all the new modes and they weren’t as fun as they seemed to be mostly because they want you to do stuff a player would do, like taking key structures or defend some position which is something the bots won’t do, so some maps even end in 10 minutes or less and aren’t even a challenge.

The scenario editor is still lacking plenty of tools too, like the same skins you win in events for your units and some more add-ons that would allow us to create an epic map, like literally everything Wars of Liberty and Napoleonic Era mods included in the game as mods before, they even had homecity buildings so you could literally create ex: the cities of Moscow, London, Tenochtitlan, etc. or some WW1 battle with all the tank, airplanes, modern battleships and “modern” units. (last part is just a dream since it seems the devs won’t ever make WW1)

The campaigns are even a bigger issue, in AoE1 & AoE2 you can find plenty of fun custom and official campaigns, in AoE3 i only know about 2 to 5 people who work on some good stuff, and it’s because the scenario editor is a pain to use still even though it doesn’t crash as much as it did before in the vanilla version and there ain’t much to add.