Is AOE3 worth buying?

I have played Aoe1 and Aoe2 on CD for 13 years without knowing there was an AOE3. I took a look at the AOE3 Complete Edition on Steam but wasn’t sure about it. I haven’t had great experiences with fully 3D RTS games like Halo Wars DE. I have watched some videos of AOE3 and some of them said that it had abilities like Warcraft III. But since I feel like not watching any videos. I thought it would be a great idea to ask a question on the AOE Forum.

It’s definitely worth it, but I suggest you get it on the autumn sale, which should start later this month, it will be 75% off.


it has a good campagin and thats about it. it IS NOT wroth anywhere close to 40 bucks. 10-15 should be the max you pay for it.

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