Is Arambai the worst UU?

Garbage armour, literally die to everything. Poor range, has to get in close, and put themselves at risk to dying. Poor accuracy maybe it prevents overkill, (good splash damage) but still quite bad. Far too expensive for such an awful unit. 75 wood, and 60 for a useless unit.

They used to be much better. But they gone to the point they are pure trash.

Maybe they could be better if they were cheaper. But for what you get 75 wood, and 60 gold is pure garbage. The Mangudai may be missing the final armour upgrade (Arambai only just gets one armour upgrade) but it also has far better range, and even armour, and really fast fire rate. And to top it all off, it’s even cheaper than the Arambai.

Granted, Mangudai does not have splash damage.


WTF does this forum has against arambai, they are an insane unit that half of the other civs can’t really deal with


Unless you get to mass them in great numbers… they good-ish due to splash damage. But that leaves them open to be blasted by onagers.

Whereas a small group of Mangudai are so much better. They do good damage and have even more armour than them. Topped off by being cheaper.

The critical number to be effective is increased by a large margin, plus nerf on bonus dmg on buildings. I do agree they need a buff.


The Arambai is garbage and can be countered easily.


Maybe now their original cost is more reasonable (it was 50w, 60g when RoR released I think)


Thats exactly the right direction to change this UU


We dont need another scorpionish type of unit. Hiwever I totally agree they need buffs. I would be more ok to buff them stat wise than resourcess wise

They already did that twice, reworking manipur while excluding Arambai, and nerfing their base damage. but if they get buffed to the point of being OP again than the I could see nerfing their damage against buildings further to be a reasonable solution.

Previous arambai did about 360% more damage to buildings. I really don’t think that’s the issue that might become OP. Unless they revert both the damage nerf and the UT, which is extremely unlikely.

Imo if anything the only potential is they become too good at killing melee civs with poor skirms, if buffed too much.

But I think the cost reduction is the first thing that needs to happen

While they could do with either stats or cost changes, buffing stats increases the potential for snowballing deathballs in late stages. While lower cost just makes the arambai more attainable sooner(or adding supplimentary units) which could still be anticipated with skirms (like conqs)

Arambai was also OP vs units in low numbers as seen pre nerf, you only needed like 6 to do tremendous damage to Knights, while costing wood not food.

Here’s an evidence, finals of KOTD 1, Viper vs Lierrey, Lierrey had to go for archers all time because all other malian units were useless vs Arambai (that Arambai was also a lot more unbalanced than now).
Btw Burmese at the time was considered a top Arabia civ just because how strong Arambai was at the time.

Is Arambai the worst UU? No, Samurai exists.

Next question…


the worst UU??
idk, but if it goes after “how often do we actually use it”? Then I have the unpopular opinion of these 3 being top contenders:


And also Serjeant if not for First Crusade.

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Samurai isn’t bad is just that his design has very limited applications (They shred most melee UUs cost effectively, but the ranged UUs are more common to see and those can just hit and run Samurai to death).

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Even then, mostly they’re never needed because Japanese champs do fine against melee infantry except TKs. Sort of similar to the Jag being outshown by Aztec champions, although I would argue that the Jag is much better at its role (i.e. actually good against all units it’s intended to counter) than the Samurai, due to what you mentioned.

It would be cool if we actually had some stats on this, because a lot of these I suspect are used a lot more than people think. I play a lot of mid-level TGs and I see Tarkans and Gbetos fairly often. Jags and Serjeants, yeah, not so much.

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Arambai is not even in bottom 5 of worst UUs and probably not in bottom 10, either. You could make a case for it being top 10 in large numbers in the elite version, too.

Condos are a UU… Doubt anything is worse than them

Although serjeants are also pretty bad for the cost

I think we’ve had this discussion a few times on here.

Gbeto are pretty good. They’re more skill based than most units (not only micro but multi tasking)

Tarkan? Aren’t they actually pretty good. It’s more that Huns have better options of attacking. Like give the tarkan to one of many of the other civs and you’ll see how good it is.

Give dravidians the tarkan for example :rofl:

And the jaguar is extremely good at what it does, the problem is the game isn’t balanced around heavy infantry so the jaguar doesn’t get to serve it’s purpose


If you get 60 of them post imp they melt everything. You get a kind of mass heavy scorpion effect how fast masses of units die

But castle age they are bad

i mean tbf apply this sentence to almost any of the UUs

even imagine 60 shotels, 60 leitis, nevermind obvious ones like 60 war elephants, 60 mangudai or 60 Long bows.