Is cree overpowered?

indeed is wothwhile since 1 card

France have a lot of upgrades but is quite map dependent as to whether you get good natives at all. Inca also have a lot of native upgrades and you can ally with an extra native through the embassy card, explorer also buffs natives. African civs get free upgrades for all the natives and have a few ways to buff them and ally with different natives through age up or cards.

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In fact it was reduced when the United States civilization arrived. The range went down to 16 from 18 and there was a possible limit of 19. Personally I would like this to come back, as there are royal houses that allow you to create much more units and have a higher range.

Revert the limit to 19 and now it will be the default limit, meaning no upgrades needed. Why not? For the United States, only allow this limit to be reached in the imperial age.

Let the ‘society of warriors’ and ‘champion’ upgrades add +1 range and vision each.

If the French are strong with natives, it is because civilization is designed to be that way. It would be nice if they added a clear counter against natives to avoid this type of problem.

I said it 10 times, and I’ll say it again, give the spy multiplier vs natives and a ranged attack plis xD

Dont fk my most used strat!

Joking apart. Depends on the map, but in 3v3 games with 2 strong native options and native upgrade cards sent, the military power is truly impressive.

Good, pretty and cheap.

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En fait il est possible de mettre 45% hp aux coureur cree, comment alors ?
il faut les deux cartes qui augmente les hp et l’attaque de 25% au cumul de ces derniĂšres, puis guerre en terre sauvage pour 20% hp supplĂ©mentaire, et pour finir la carte dans la partie militaire qui augmente l’attaque des unitĂ©s Ă  armes Ă  feux de 15%, mais pour en arriver lĂ  il faut 4 cartes de mĂ©tropole.

Ceci dit il Ă©tait simple d’arriver Ă  facile 55% hp avant le nerf des cartes indigĂšnes.