Is early landing on 1vs1 water maps META or Foolish?

I’ve practicing early landing on water map 1vs1 and shown consistent good results. But from time to time good players are able to stop it, either they spot the transport ship or make walls around key resources.

I wanted to know the oppinion of the community around this strategy.

  • Have you tried it?
  • Has it been effective?
  • How would you stop the early landing and aggresion in feudal on water?

Thanks for any feedback.


I don’t remember trying it but I’ve definitely lost to an early landing on a water map. Walling off key resources like you mentioned is good but I think the most important thing is not to overinvest in navy and keep an eye peeled (ie. line of sight along your own island and scouting in general).

Is neither one nor the other. Is perfectly viable, just another option. See it as a pre mill drush: if it’s successful, you’ll do lors of damage and be ahead. If it’s not, then you’re already way behind your opponent.

It can be a good option. Especially if you play with random civs. If you random into something like Malians or a Aztecs, you might not want to contest the water that much in the long term anyway 11

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Anything that cripples your economy early on and doesn’t let you finish the game fast can be considered foolish.

define “early”

21-22 pop? A viable strat but not “meta” in the sense that depending on civ you might go for alternative strategies (e.g. Byzantines Fire Galley spam, Japanese try to fish boom etc.)

Anything below? Probably horrible and not worth it.

I mean the transport alone is 125w which for Dark/early Feudal is a MASSIVE investment.

Homeyboy if you’re sicillians, early landing is amazing. The main drawback is having to afford a transport and having dock idle time from it while your opponent doesnt. for sicillians that doesnt apply.

And that’s why the Sicilian bonus is just op for me.


yeah suprised why that wasn’t hotfixed yet

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i mean sicillians arent like OP on water besides that or anything, so i think its fine.

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Cmon is broken and silly, I saw how this TB was abused beyond limits.

It’s not about being op on water. You don’t need other bonus besides that. Who need good navy when you can land in dark age for free? What good is a good navy when your opponent is already in your base?

theyre also not op on land either so its fine

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You don’t seem to understand why they’re broken. It’s not the civ. Being a team bonus makes it broken.

It’s not okay. Maybe you don’t like to play tg islands or any other water map (migration, for example) if you did, then you will probably understand why that bonus just f**ks up all the water gameplay


I think this is a great TB. People were crying about how Islands lasts too long and Feitoria is OP and etc. well, I hope this is better now :wink: This is not what people wanted, but this is what people needed


i love water maps and im the type of douchebag who goes feitoria in imp. i like the bonus.

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I’m in favor of a discounts for transport ships. But i don’t like the “free and instant” things. Every in the game should be a choice, a decision making. This is not. This allows you to do something without risking anything

youre risking not having another team bonus for the rest of the game

11 what does that mean? Your transport shoukd last all game. You only need 1

yeah i mean thats your team bonus. britons dont need to research a tech to speed up their ranges either, they just get a 20% speed boost instantly for free, i dont see how thats different.
That one transport ship is exactly the team bonus.