Is Inca ever going to be fixed?

Well we could keep the limit, but make garrisoning take time like for the Commandery which only garrisons one unit after the other.

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Im sure you are not the real kaiserklein because you sound like a noob. Kancha house produces so little food that you still need hunt. And inca after multiple nerf this year is really a bad civ.

Inca have been unjustly nerfed many times in my opinion but I don’t think they’re really bad, all they need is for huaracas to do their job and counter artillery effectively or be able to train light cannons, other than that perhaps a little buff to bolas warriors because they were nerfed hard a while ago.

You’re right, right now huarca and bolas are bad, which is like half of their unit roster lol…maceman is rarely used, and bolas / pike are anti cav you pick one to use, there are 4 units in total and 2 are bad

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And honestly jungle bow is also just bad…no one mention it but in early game their range is bad, poinson damage is just not as good as damage straight away, they do 15 dmg plus some poison, which is very little consider it is so fragile, is supposed to be high dmg low hp archer, but their dmg is same as a skirm…

Macemen might be useful in the new patch now that they will be 2 pop, basically a cheaper doppelsoldner with range and siege resist, the age 3 speed card will also help them a lot.

I like the bowmen and the plumed spearmen, both solid units and fast moving.

The only major issue is the huaraca because it loses cost effectively to artillery.


What’s with all the nercos lately??

I guess he mean industrial

the civ was already nerfed, with this new update the civ is already dead, the kanchas are not OP, only in the early game, all the units fall short after the age of the fortresses, there should be more units, buildings, cards, and upgrade all units

The thing with the bowmen is that they are easily massed. The spearmen are tough enough you don’t need a whole lot of them to defend well.

Inca are doing ok since chimu are better vs artillery, it’s still not ideal though having to sacrifice chimu mass to take out a couple of falcs and the huaracas still need a buff so they perform better vs artillery. Bolas warriors are also quite underwhelming they need a range/speed buff currently it’s not worth making them and better to just go spears.

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