Is it allowed to post videos with beta content?

If it is so, is there any youtuber that has done it?

Pretty sure its a NDA violation.

Lol. Other games allow this and I wondered why youtube is not giving me any related recomendation

Well depends if the beta is closed or open to everyone, if you mean the betas of aoe2 de, then they are open so you can upload its content, in fact that helps the devs to find bugs before releasing it.

The Public Update Program is, as already in the name, available to everyone and there is no NDA.

Interesting. Then, I suppose there are few people playing it, because I cant find any youtube video about that topic. Which is a pitty, because seeing the changes before the patch increase the hype, even if the changes don’t reach the live version.

For instance, Overwacth had a Public Test Region where people could try the changes. Now, there is a “experimental” section within the live game in which changes are tested for a brief period of time. Overwatch’s YouTubers play currently in those section, which is useful for adding some funny content to their channels.

It is true that there are less AOE2 streamers than Overwatch ones, but I wish one streamer (T90 or SOTL) tested the Malay or Burgundian changes or expectated some games and published their impressions…

Videos like this exist I watched one the other day that went over the tech trees in the steam beta and told you the upcoming changes.

I forgot about that video, but I meant actual matches

There are too few people playing PUP, it takes forever to queue and I never saw any lobby.

That is the main reason i dont use the changes more. Your pretty much stuck 1vcomputer. I think it locked me out of mp or i messed something up in set up.

You can’t event queue for multiplayer in the PUP I’m sure? I think I tried and it’s greyed out.

You might have to do the benchmark test first in the PUP.

In my particular case, i hadnt time even to play any game during last two weeks …