Is it balanced ELO?

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no it isnt balanced, and we know it isnt, lots of people have reported it and recommended work arounds, but nothing is going to change…

it could literally come down to the fact that there arent enough people playing ranked…

Every second game there are messed up ELO matchups like these:

Could the devs please fix that?

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The story:
2 teams (ravius + rugevit) and (philypse+vlietsch) against 4 LOW ELO Legends

Even if they(low legends) were in a team… i dont believe there was no players in 8 minutes of search to play like:
2x1900 +2 LOW ELO Legends against THE same

why 4x1200 again?
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Because they either teamed or all of them were at the 8 min mark, where you can be matched with everyone. If none of you teamed, then the system itself is heavily flawed. Nevertheless the system usually has wrong priorities (you always get a game at 8 min, but the quality is irrelevant).


Like I said, every second game:

hi! where do you find that information? thank you!

thank you, it refreshes itself every half a second or so, is there a way to stop that? >.<

yeah it sucks!

sorry whats the issue with the last game you sahred?? 200 elo isnt that much in real terms is it??

nearly 2k ELO is a completely different skill league, additionaly these players have a 75+% win rate.

Why arent people playing ranked? is pretty neat in that it uses websockets to update the data. This means that as changes are detected on the server, they are pushed to the client (you) immediately (almost). The busier ranked play is, the more updates that are pushed to you. There is no hard refresh interval.

Why not just equally spread out the high elo players like we did manually in HD?

DE team game matching making is really bad. Watching saymyname stream right now and 3 games in a row are super unbalanced.

Looks like the game think three 2k1 + one 900 player vs four 1k4 players is fair. It is not! The game ended before 20 mins mark with two 1k4 players destroyed, while the 900 player has not created any military unit yet.


Another game right now - 2k team vs 800-900 team

I’m spectating in game and just by looking at the vil count it is clearly that this will be another 20 mins waste of time for all 6 players

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The game could balance TGs so easily by simply adding the ELOs of each player to a team ELO.
In your game, 1600 Team ELO difference is obviously way too much.

yeah the matchmaking is useless…