Is it balanced ELO?

Playing against the highest ranked Team-RM players in the next game, lol?

some more examples. but before latest hotfix most of my games were balanced.

I mean how is this going to be fun for any side:

First option: never go to feudal trying kill them dark age
Second one: do the mangonel fight with ur teammates

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One Low ELO legends (1v1 rating from 600-800) vs quite decent team. This can’t be fun.

Love all the people trying to post facts and figures on the ELO page as if it will help (your starry eyed optimism is cute).

DE has not been balanced since release and it’s been why I’ve played about 4 games in the past month. This is due to a few key reasons:

  • People can pick civs independent of others chosing random civ and with no knowledge of what their opponent is doing
  • Maps that were very balanced previously are no longer balanced (i. e. Arabia, wherein you can now spawn Acacia trees as if it is Serengeti AND can spawn Rhinos and Elephants instead of Boars (attack higher, higher HP, higher food output, AND possible spawn of cows instead of sheep which are closer clumped together and therefore easier to lame and also lead to a different benefit for some civs due to decay and ease)
  • Players not playing consistently. My Elo is not representative of where I am at as an example. I have won about 10 of my past 12 matches since playing less in the past month, which does not present a ‘balanced’ ranking. It was balanced when I played every day, sure. But AoE2 has a large percentage of older players who, like myself, have other crap going on…
  • Map pool is not indicative of a ‘base’ skill level, in that you cannot queue for all types of matches and still maintain your preferred bans when you enter a 1v1. It’s nonsensical that someone queuing for MORE formats is penalized in such a way by not being able to ban as many maps as someone queuing for LESS matches.
  • Map pool still includes fringe maps for various situations, a la Black Forest 1v1, Nomad 1v1, Steppe (when civs are picked), and Team Islands. I get people like them for it at times. TO BE FAIR–I LIKE THEM AT TIMES. But if you’re honest with yourself, do they actually represent your skill set when you win those matches or rather just the other person’s resolve in playing them? Sure, there’s mettle in resolve. But should pure mettle determine who you play against in ranked matches when the goal is to give you FUN match ups? If your answer to that is yes, then you take yourself too seriously and need to realize that you are not challenging the Viper anytime soon. You’re not that good. Have fun instead of taking yourself so seriously.
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Do u even read?

Games like 1k(mean ELO) against 2k (mean ELO) - not fun at all.

avg rating is rising continuously. That is the reason that u have won 10 out of 12 games.
look at the Ganji who is always top 1. In the past month he has became 2.4k (2.2k -> 2.4k)
(my rate became 1.9k->2.1k). It is just math.

Thanks for the long awaited patch.

However, before you invest so much time and resources in new features, the basics must work.

Like the crashes and the ■■■■ matchmaking that compares 2000 Elo to 1200 or less.

It cannot be that a 20-year-old game that was already used as a template and was remastered 1x still caused so many problems.

If everything works properly, you are very welcome to invest in new systems such as auto scouting to make it easier for new players.

Fixing matchmaking will also save a lot of frustration for new players.

Do you? I clearly said the following:

Way to cherry pick my dude. The consistency of play is the issue here. The fact that the game isn’t as fun at the moment is the cause for the lack of consistency. In team games, this has been an even greater problem, since the higher rated members of the existing community still have not devoted a significant amount of time to them. Which you can see when looking between the two leaderboards.

really dont know what your issue is being so argumentative from the get go, neither do i understand what convoluted point you are trying to get across (you yourself cherry pick 3 words out of an essay, while insulting the other guy)

the game has terrible match making, this isnt a debate, its a fact, high tier and low tier (regardless of elo) have reported and experienced facing their polar opposites. you shouldnt go around insulting people with your conjecture (you even proved you dont play much yourself so you wouldnt know what the ladders are like)

the bad match making is possibly due to a number of reasons

  1. low player count at certain times
  2. arranged teams being matched against who ever is available or still busy with the allocation process
  3. players sitting in the queue for too long so the match maker auto assigns matches
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I don’t see where your point is and also do not enjoy the false accusation of conjecture. I’ve played 285 1v1 ladder games and over 150 team games. It certainly isn’t conjecture and mis-characterizing it in the same way that the other person has demonstrates a lack of being open to other reasons why ranked play in the game is incredibly flawed. My point was that I’ve dipped off since release, as have many other players and that is for a reason beyond the ones that you are stating. I am not saying that they are not valid reasons as well, they certainly are.

do u like it?
when it will be fixed?

What the helll

Things like that are what makes me feel better for not playing multiplayer

Sadly I only play in multiplayer.

we tested : 8 players went solo into 4v4 queue trying find each other

search still 5+ minutes.
games still against 1100.
game still ■■■■


Has to manually checking rates every game to leave before game starts.

I want to play match making but Im nervous its going to put me with more skilled players. Plus I suck at 1v1.