Is it for being Latino?

Hola se√Īores, quisiera preguntar que pasa, me inscrib√≠ desde el principio, soy fan√°tico desde ni√Īo!, tengo toda la colecci√≥n muy bien cuidada, tengo una PC decente, soy activo, pero simplemente no llega el acceso de la beta‚Ķ Existe discriminaci√≥n hacia los latinos? por que a los verdaderos fanaticos de Age Of empires, nos cortan las alas, nos cortan la emocion‚Ķ Recibieron personas pr√°cticamente nuevas a la comunidad y de verdad me rompe el coraz√≥n‚Ķ Si es por ser Mexicano d√≠ganlo :frowning:

Dejo evidencia de mis juegos.

Hello gentlemen, I would like to ask what happens, I signed up from the beginning, I am a fan since I was a child!, I have the whole collection very well maintained, I have a decent PC, I am active, but the beta access simply does not arrive … There is discrimination To Latinos? by the green fans of Age of empires, they cut our wings, cut our emotions … We receive really new people to the community and it really breaks my heart … If it is for being Mexican Mexican :frowning:

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Tengo todo en regla…

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Hi @NinjaGame4645, The flight team selects insiders based upon their needs for testing certain system configurations. If your system meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements for the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition beta the team has said you will receive an invite before release this fall. Hang tight and keep an eye on your inbox!


fue Donald trump…
Eh… No es por elección segun tus requisitos y al azar.

Yo soy de Chile y recibí un correo con la invitación, PERO es para el primer juego xD

I’m from Chile and I received a email with the invitation, BUT for the first gane. LOL

That is clearly not the reason. There are a huge number of people in the same boat as you with everything okay, just without the invite.


creo que es compensación.

They are having rare AoE beta 2 some problems there. Because only little waves for select people for this beta test.

Or may be this time here are more people intereted in this than the AoE DE.

Don‚Äôt be such a drama queen xd, hace dos semanas estuve jugando con un argentino:), yo soy espa√Īol. Van de forma aleatoria


Soy de argentina y tengo invitación, no es para nada racista la selección. Creo que es mas buen al azar y segun los requerimientos del juego para tu ordenador. Intenta no enojarte ni calumnear a nadia ni a nadie. Si no fuiste llamado puede que sea pronto y si no sucede tampoco es la muerte de nadie, el juego va a salir y vas a poder adquirirlo con todas las funciones y sobre todo sin los errores que los testers nos comemos al probarlo.

Saludos cordiales.

I am from Argentina and I have an invitation, the selection is not racist at all. I think it’s more good at random and according to the requirements of the game for your computer. Try not to get angry or warm anyone or anyone. If you were not called it may be soon and if it does not happen it is not the death of anyone, the game will come out and you will be able to acquire it with all the functions and especially without the mistakes that the testers make when we try it.

Best regards.


Wow going to try and pull the race card because you didn’t get what you want? That’s low dude and pretty embarrassing. There’s no way they know who is what ethnicity anyway. There are thousands of us who want to play the beta and signed up months ago. Many of us have played the original game and want to continue enjoying it. It does suck they don’t give us scheduled beta release dates and keep us in the dark most of the time. It is frustrating but don’t say demeaning things like this company hates me because I’m this ethnicity just because you’re frustrated.


Yo ya lo recibí y soy de Argentina. Quizás sea porque no cumples con los requerimientos.

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o por jugar al victimista.

Please, everyone calm down, I’m also Hispanic.

Game developers invite in waves. To one or the other insiders, only for technical reasons.

It is a privilege to be in these forums, knowing the latest real information available.

And sharing our enthusiasm for AOE with other players.
AOE belongs to everyone and for everyone, without exception

I think the responses posted are sufficient to answer the question proposed by the original poster and there is nothing else left to discuss. Closing this topic.