Is it just me?

Ottoman has always been a top civ. They basically set the pace of any game your in but lately it seems there has been some step change. Since a couple months back the FF seems faster. I used to be able to rush against it now I can’t. Of course once they FF you get the saphi jann falconette spam. Was there some change?


#Make TCs 600w Again.

Removing no TP maps from the map pool is a buff to Ottos.


Maybe it’s the trading posts. I’m seeing a resurrection of the jan abus lame. Perhaps that’s the reason. I see it alot more now than in the recent past.


They do have strong performance on the euro maps that already have free trade post upgrades.


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I think it’s mostly just that every map in ranked now has a TP so you’ll always be fine as otto, the change to natives isn’t bad either if you want some more xp trickle.

  1. None of the maps with pre-upgraded trade routes are in ranked map pools.
  2. Only 8% of maps in ranked 1v1 were no TP maps previously, so I highly doubt this change would have much if any impact on how it felt to face Ottoman. Also of note, arguably their strongest map (Central Plain) was removed from the 1v1 map pool.

Basically, ottos have been op for the most part of the original game. Despite their shortcomings, their units are good and reliable. They got a lot of nerfs in the past as welk.

They are solid now, but not op.


I’m not saying they are op really. I have learned to live with that element of the game when it comes around. They just seem faster lately. I used to somewhat get ahead of the FF from time to time but lately I always seem to come up short. I am old though.


Probably on some Ottoman maps they play better because of better treasures or trade routes with more xp it seems stupid but the build goes all faster so go 3 age earlier. Have you noticed this on all maps or some specific maps? What treasures have you collected?

Trade routes give the same xp per second at their base.


I mean the tp routes on different maps that certainly do not give the same xp as other maps, precisely for example tp great plains from 100xp on the first pass while on new england from 30xp on the first pass it has a different impact and each expedition on great plains will be much faster than the 30 xp in new england also if the settlers get there first thanks to the 100xp they will start collecting food first and consecutively means age up first.

GP doesn’t give 100xp (it’s around 70xp per pass in 1v1 and NE is 30-35xp). They give the same XP per second and you’ll get your first shipment around the same time (without any treasures/kills). First pass will hit around 1:15-1:20 on either map (slight variation depending which side of GP you spawn on). You’ll get the xp for your first shipment at the same time (1:20).

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It was an example I am not a tp calculator fanatic. I would like to see a practical demonstration of what we say so I will be preparing to test this thing.

Go ahead and test yourself. On new england you’ll find the trade route passes about 30-35 seconds apart (on my test it was 34 and the trade route gave 34 xp per pass). On great plains I spawned in the top of the map (so I got the first pass a few seconds sooner) and the trade route was on the bottom right (it gives slightly more xp per pass than the other side)… for me the passes were 74 seconds apart awarding 74 xp each time.

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frantically challenges the map coder to a duel of wits

as far as i know only silk road deviates majorly from the standard rate

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The map formerly named Dhaka differs as well. And ofc Saharan Routes has the same penalty as Silk Road.

I thought Dakota had a reduced rate also?

Let Ottos have a free church and free unique age1 uprades then reduce the same amount wood.

No that’s a longstanding misperception from the EP days. In fact since the two trade lines are linked it provides double the value. But the rate per tp line is approximately 1xp/sec.

My presumption is people see the lower xp per pass and assume the rate is lower. Such as on the map France. Each trade route only gives 11xp per pass but it is at a normal stagecoach rate.