Is it me or anyone thinks Mod pages are lacking comment section?

Not sure if this is the right thread to talk about this but change the thread where it’s appropriate.

Now back to the point. It seems mod pages are lacking a comment section to give feedback/review/discuss about it. Now it seems we need a forums page and put a link to it to actually talk about the mod which isn’t that great compared to what we had all these years of modding in Age Of Kings Heaven Games, Voobly or Steam Workshop.

My request is to bring the comment section back and we need more enhanced features to update/downgrade mod as the way we want to. Make it more user friendly than we had in Age Of Kings Heaven Games, Voobly or Steam Workshop.


Hi @bigbossbro08, You’re welcome to create a topic in #age-of-empires-ii:age2de-modding for your game mod, although I agree having a comment section integrated into the game mod page would be awesome, @DodoNotDoDo.

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We’ll add it to the to-do list!


Yes, it is important to be able to give feedback (bugs, suggestions) about mod. Also I would like to be able to rate a mod with a number from 1 to 5 instead of only having possibility to like or not like.


1-5 rating is already in progress.


Not sure I agree entirely. DE is extremely friendly to other programs being in foreground.
So if I could click a link and it would open the browser window in a window above the game, that works for me. I’m used to my browser which is stacked with a dozen extensions and has all my logins stored.
Pressing shift+tab also gives you the Steam overlay, which looks quite neat.
I’d rather wish there was some connection between the Steam Workshop, the game and the overlay.

Actually not that friendly. Whenever I open a browser, web browsing will be very slow.
Especially images load in after the rest has been built.
Probably because all the CPU cycles are going to Age. Can’t be Ram, since I’ve got all of it now.

Devs need to fix some serious performance issues. I still find it awkward that this game having hard time running in high end rigs.

The steam workshop would indeed be great but they want it to be compatible with the MS store users. So they can’t sue the steam workshop