Is it possible to add a "Select all same type units" hotkey?

I think adding a hotkey to select all of the same type units would help a lot to make it easier to control your units on an intermediate level.

We tend to group units by type, all cavalry, all ranged, all infantry, etc. However, the gameplay loop, in which we constantly train units, makes it so our selection is rapidly outdated.

There is currently a select all military units hotkey, which I’ve mapped to the F1 key. While this is a great tool to keep all your available forces grouped and on the move, it is also too inespecific: I want my spearman to keep guarding my exposed villagers from raids, I want my scouts to remain in position keeping tabs on the enemy movements. Manualy deselecting these units quickly becomes a chore.

A Select all same type units hotkey could make this so much easier. You could pick some of your forward units, already engaging with the enemy or moving around, for example, Royal Knights and Archers, and have all other RK and archers join them and manouver with them.