Is it possible to add an ending age, similar to a starting age?

I couldn’t find any info on this topic so far.

So I started AOE4 with this weekends sale + free weekend and I’m really enjoying it so far.

But one thing, besides many other, rather small ones, bothers me. Once everyone is in Age IV, cavalry seems to be useless. The instant it charges into battle, it gets mowed down by one or two cannons and handgunners. (Which is kinda realistic ofc, but nevertheless, somehow ruins it for me.) Same with walls, they become obsolete, which I think is a pitty.

So I wanted to know if there is any possibility to halt the game in castle age, making it a bit more interesting to play (for me at least). There is no such option in the lobby tho.

Any tips on that?

u can proably mod the game in this way and make a custome loby. U can make a post for a Mod idea maybe somone will make it

See here

There you can choose starting and ending age as well as other advanced settings.

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The idea of Imperial is to end the game so it doesn’t continue on into eternity, so the units reflect that by being very strong and very expensive. So by stopping at Castle, you could extend game times dramatically if a stalemate occurs. Just something to keep in mind

Use the “Advanced Game Settings” mod, it has this option.

Cavalry are far from useless in Imperial Age though.