Is it possible to disable or minimize opponent chat messages?

The only AOE4 experiences I remember lately are people trash talking once they know they have won. People play super aggressive in team games by 3v1 as early as possible then spam the chat with “leave” over and over again and “you’re terrible”.

Some negativity is expected, but it’s been so bad lately that I can’t even enjoy the game when I’ve lost because opponents feel the need to trash talk after a tag team rush. I just don’t understand why i have to read the message they choose to send by default. It’s super discouraging when you’re trying to think and someone’s spamming the chat about how much you suck and how bad you and everyone on your team is.

It’s one thing to be more skillful than an opponent, but it’s totally uncalled for to sit there and spit on them after you win a game because two opponents quit early.


Maybe if you block them after the game.

Even though your experience might not have been that great with such players, maybe it helps to understand that anyone ramming angry words anxiously on their keyboard while playing for pixel points isn’t really that bright after all. Some men have a less developed prefrontal cortex and it shows. Typically it matures fully around your 30s but with some they never seem to be fully capable of controlling their emotions. Criminals tend to have less developed areas of the brain as well and well, you wouldn’t want to spend too much time listening to their problems either.

If you can make that distinction in real life encounters then why can’t you do the same online?
You might do well to just mentally separate gaming time (useless b.s.) and actual face-to-face (useful interaction) meetings instead…

After the game is too late, AOE4 absolutely needs to add a function to do this during a game, before the damage is done. It ruins the fun.

Personally, I find all the salt etc entertaining but I think many players would appreciate a “mute” feature

I think mute feature on the chat panel, on the plater card, or even just a generalized mute in settings would be a good call. Not everyone is playing to socialize and that’s okay.

I don’t even notice the chat half the time I’m playing. lol. not even my teammates, much to their dismay sometimes.