Is it possible to replace only <protoaction> section in the mod?

according to

I can replace any section under the unit without copying the entire unit record, but for the section, it seems that the entire unit record must be copied. No matter I use or mergeMode=“modify”, it will cause reading Mod error, I can only use to replace the entire unit record. Is there a way to replace or add only the section?

Hey there @KiyamaHarumiS,

This should be possible. We recently identified an issue with additive mods where it was not possible to use additive mods to modify a ProtoAction of a unit.

We are tracking the issue already.
Please keep an eye out for a fix for this in an upcoming patch! :slight_smile:

im having the same issue implementing protoaction changes. when you say you managed to get it to work by “copying” the section, are you saying you put the entire section? or something else? and where do you see any Mod errors?

Yes, the only way it works is to copy the entire unit section.
Mod errors will mess up the entire unit’s data.