Is it possible to see the in-game chat while spectating multiplayer games?

I’ll start by saying that I haven’t used the spectating feature to watch multiplayer matches a lot, but I’ve still watched quite a few games since AOE2DE’s release. As of all of these games I’ve seen, I’ve yet to see even a single chat message being sent by any of the participating players.

I’ve seen this issue mentioned in a topic around AOE2DE’s release time last year, so I let it be initially as some of the missing features of the D1 version. Now that we have had quite a few patch updates, I wanted to ask if this is indeed a missing feature that may or may not be added later (it’s up to the devs in that case), if it’s rather a precise choice from them (they will not let spectators see the in-game chat), or if it is actually already in there and available and I have to turn it on somewhere in the options that I must’ve missed.

Thank you for any replies!

EDIT: After watching a saved replay of a multiplayer game I’ve noticed that chat messages are also not viewed in saved replays, not just while spectating. I reckon that the issue is the same for both.