Is it really appropriate that the Easiest AI lames?

On harder difficulties I can understand but on Easiest, the lowest possible difficulty, is it really appropriate that the AI lames the player’s sheep (before 10 minutes no less)?

I was just testing some other stuff in a match with difficulty Easiest and I was quite surprised how at just after 8 minutes the enemy came and took all the sheep right out from under my TC. I don’t mind getting lamed as I’m a competitive player but come on now: the AI on Easiest difficulty? Isn’t that the difficulty aimed at players who aren’t competitive players but rather casual players who probably would mind getting lamed?

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That must be accidental, because the extreme AI isn’t even able to consistently find its own sheep.


11 an Easiest AI which lames your sheep and an Extreme AI which can’t find its own sheep.

I suppose that the AI is just programmed to right click on its TC whether it finds a sheep so they should find a way for the easier AI to make the difference between its sheeps and those of the player, or have it not get too close to the starting TC.


Could it be accidental? I mean, find you sheep and send them to the TC in auto?