Is it so hard to fix the 8 xbow shipment for France and Malta

This seems like a fix that should have come within hours of the latest update. Instead it’s been weeks and France and Malta still can’t send their 8 xbow shipment, because of a line of code being messed up or something? How come this is taking so long?


Its not hard to fix
Iirc the fix is done but the update schedule for all aoe games means we get to wait. I dont know the schedule or rationale of why they take the time they do other than i assume manpower is limited to QA things accross the games.

So probbably not what we wanted to hear, but its certainty good to know devs did a fix so we will have it soon. Soon™ :stuck_out_tongue:


Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition soon.


It should neither be difficult nor take effort because it is only reversing the changes applied in the patch, which I believe should have the record saved from the previous patch, with that it would work correctly as it did before because the letter as such did not receive a single change, But clearly they are very little interested in the coexistence of the game despite 100000000 criticisms, they are not going to do it because they are going to wait for instructions from someone with more power to release a hotfix, although they are surely going to wait for the schedule for the next patch, well Since the patches are apparently every 3 months, we will surely have to wait 3 months for them to fix such a simple error that they made themselves. Well, nothing, thank you very much for so much professionalism on the part of Microsoft


This year has seen one of the worst support for an actively maintained game.

Or maybe I’m wrong. It’s NOT an actively maintained game anymore.

The game only gets two major patches this year and both are messed up. It still boggles me what prevents them from simply clicking a release button the second time if “the right version with the bugfixes was ready to release but they released the wrong version”.

Maybe the management giving orders don’t give a F of the state of the game, or the player response, or what the patch actually does, or how much (or should I say little) effort a simple hotfix would require. They just follow the schedule they have decided months ago and never react to the reality.

Of course, who needs a quick fix for a game-breaking bug for a game nobody cares? Everything looks fine. The “series” is doing fantastic. Just follow the schedule. It’s not some acute situation where some players dislike some civ names or sth right? Why should we waste the $1billion-worth twitter space for a patch note for an unimportant game instead of saving them for more profitable uses like the AOE mobile?

What a great time to be an AOE player.

EDIT: When I criticized the previous states of AOE4, I was faced with hordes of defense and resistance and millions of reasons why it is good as it is, how I should understand game development, etc etc etc. But the company ended up improving on many of those things.
This makes the current opposite situation here look more ridiculous. Many people are criticizing the bad handling of the game recently. Nobody is defending. We even got some real promise of better communication. And yet we have an one-click simple bugfix pending for a month.
So I stopped criticizing AOE4. Because someone from the management would really listen to those responses.

EDIT to prevent triggering someone: no I’m not talking about the development team. I’m talking about the management who orders them to do stuff.


I mean…do you think there is a possibility that the inner workings have changed after you left?

This is a real question not a sarcasm.

no messages of devs about this, no nothing, thats why i dont play this game anymore, u just came here to reaffirm my decision (with the hope that something had changed)