Is it true? Do we only have space for five civs left?

The only limit is in the players’ bank account.

From a creative standpoint, I don’t see a limit. It’s perfectly possible to craft an entirely new game by simply spliting a bunch of Western European civs.

And if you add the unrepresented civs…


i hope they just add in a reconnection feature. so desperately need that, it’d be so nice to have in this game given on how often it drops players/crash.

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Like AoE3 Historical Maps

“Irony.exe” was not detected. :sob:


Italy deserves more civs because the Italian civs are iconic

Papal states

Big players in the middle ages

Then of couse we have


Some sort of nod to the Swiss need to be done.



And probably a China split

And Nubians and 1 more african civ. Not sure which is most relevant. Congo?

Ohh Nooo, that will be devastating for the game. :scream:


Every part of the Holy Roman Empire has to be it’s own civilisation.
Every free city, every duchy and every county.


The devs will not allow themselves to be bottlenecked by the amount of civs, without trying to expand it. Over the years the limit has increased.

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The only thing they seem to artificially limit is modding in new civilisations.
It’s possible but it’s not easy.

I don’t think it’s a priority for the devs, but I also don’t think they go out of their way to cripple modding. They released quite a lot of modding features in the latest update after all.

If I had to guess, the slots are hard-coded “slot 1” “slot 2”… “slot 48” which is usually easier to code
and lighter on the CPU and memory than having the limit extend itself, and not all programming languages would allow that. To increase the limit, they’d have to manually expand the code adding more slots.

I’d rather have an Hindustani and Dravidian split.

Better add Free cities with similar cultures and languages and small population than split multicultural regions


Can’t wait til we have 100x civs in the game :sunglasses:


Remember that AOE2 civs are not playable factions in a Total War or a Paradox game. How different would you make 2 german duchies or italian city-states, that are already pretty well covered by their respective civ ?

To split an existing civ at this level, you need differences like the Hussites (Bohemians) from the typical HRE (Teutons).


Same way you break up burgundy from franks or sicilians from italians.

The differences were significant enough. First, Sicily was a kingdom very different from the city-states of northern Italy, and Burgundy (which does include the Low Countries) was inches away from becoming one, resurrecting Lotharingia. It would have been the first new kingdom in Europe since 300 years before. Second, there are some gameplay differences, compared to the Franks the Burgundians have weaker units but a stronger eco and rely more on gunpowder. Plus their totally-not-controversial UT that does something to their villagers. Sicily relies on heavier feudal units while Italians are more all-rounded, and they also have a weird one-time-use UT. In both cases the civs actually rely on a gimmicky UT that are matter to debates, if you had to split existing civs that’s a risk taken, better limit that.

Actually, it will be. The Caucasus has representation in the single digits, only being a map and two civilizations (that don’t even fit) in a Tamerlane scenario. The Caucasus is one of the few regions that is not represented through playable civs at all, and I hope that will be rectified soon.

You may disagree, but you don’t need to be a jerk about it.

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Ofcourse I full heartedly support the cause of your topic of this discussion.

Caucasus is the number one need of Age of Empires right now.

You’re completely forgetting North America, Central Africa, South Africa and Oceania with zero civ each.

There are 3 continents right now that are less represented filled with excellent possible civ additions less represented than a Southern European Peninsula.

At least there’s Turks, Byzantines, Cumans, Tatars and Saracens in the area already.

Knowing the devs, if they’ll add them, for some weird reason they’re going to use the Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean set because they’re lazy to add anything meaningful to the game anymore.


Trust me, I didn’t forget. That’s why I said “a few.”

My goodness, I hope not. I want the devs to prove us both wrong.