Is me or the IA is easier than before

I’m a singleplayer campaign lover and I feel there’s no challenge on hard. Comparing with HD version campaigns like Vlad or York (to name some I’ve played in DE version) are much easier than before, sometimes the IA just wait for me to attack so I can take all the time I want, build a great army and raze them in 5 minutes…
I don’t know, maybe a new difficult level or something like that.
Thanks a lot!

I’m feeling like it depends more upon the player’s feeling than the way the game is actually made. There was a now closed thread complaining about the campaign being way harder than they used to be, and there were many people who replied they didn’t agree with the OP. There was also complains about the AI kiting too much, but when I played I got dumb stuff like enemy cav archers/mamelukes letting my Tatar pikemen kill them. This said you mentionned Forgotten scenarios and those got reworked a lot so it might be normal they changed in difficulty

Campaign AI is seemingly scripted, but the regular AI seems easier.