Is modding the original campiagn .json files possible?

I’m creating a mod which swaps all the new campaign voices with the original ones.

So far I’ve managed to swap all the in-game voices to orginal ones, and I’ve now managed to change out the campaign intro and outtro voiceovers too!

The only problem is, on some of these voiceovers, the slides go out of sync with the new sound file narration… I know these timings are within the camX.jason files located in “resources/_common/campaign”, BUT I don’t think these are moddable? I’ve created equivalent camX.jason mod files in my mod folder with the equivalent folder heirachy (resources/_common/campaign), but changes to this file have no effect. Are these .json files unmoddable? I know I could edit the actual game files themselves, but then it doesn’t really count as a mod! Maybe you’ll know if these have been left unmoddable by design or it’s a bug, haha!

Many thanks in advance for any info

I guess not! I will create a bug report and see if the mods take note.