Is my account bugged or does the ELO system takes win rate into account?

Just wondering if my account is bugged, or if the ELO system for some reason takes into account win rates?

My friend and I are around similar ELO (18xx) and when I win games, I’m getting +1s while he gets +10s. Can check my match history it’s much clearer than explaining in words. I do have very good win rate.

My account name: JazBas

Just curious.

So many people are confused about this because the game doesn’t tell you your ELO, it tells you your rank points, which are more about games played and season rewards achieved.

Your 2v2 ELO is actually 1441 (see section “Ranked Matchmaking Elo”)

Your friend is 1733.

For rank points, you have 1782, your friend 1819. So I think what is happening is you’re talking about the rank points you gain or lose from each game, not the ELO you gain or lose, and the game is giving you very few rank points because your rank points are already way above your 2v2 ELO.

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Okay parts of what you explained makes sense. Yes I am talking about the rank points.

So what you are saying is that I will be getting similar rank points as my friend did if my 2v2/3v3/4v4 ELO goes up to my rank point?

They don’t provide any detailed explanation of how it works, so what I’m saying is to some extent an educated guess based on looking at how it behaves for different players, but yes, I think that if you continue to play with the same friend, the difference between your ELOs will probably reduce, and the changes in rank points will become more similar. Note that if you look at AoE4 World to track the ELO difference, I’ve found it can be a bit unpredictable when it updates, I have sometimes played several games without the ELO on there changing at all.

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Weird system but your explanation makes sense. Thanks.