Is new AOE available on Mac?

Does anyone know if available on Apple MacBook?

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Welcome here to the AOE community. I hear that it does (and it should) run fine with Apple boot camp solution, but they will not release a Mac specific version if that’s what you are asking.

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Thanks, I just meant to be able to play on my apple laptop? Can’t find the info anywhere

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The game will be available on Windows 10 at launch.


will it ever be available on Apple computers?

Natively supported?

Maybe if the developers have nothing else to do the coming two decades, but I would welcome it.

If you have recent Apple Mac computer using Apple boot camp to run Windows on it is the way to go.

I seriously doubt it. But let’s hope it does.

Shame, tried using the boot camp assistant doesn’t have enough memory on the bootcamp

You do need enough free diskspace to use boot camp indeed, at least around 50-60 GB.

You can use some psudo-windows mirror. It would lag, I am pretty sure. Good luck dude.