Is no one talking about how the game feels to zoomed in?

Feels like the choice to not allow more area of view was a system limitation driven choice rather than a planned one. Played all of the AoE games, they all felt smoother on launch than this one. Convinced 5 friends to get age IV (most had played other AoE titles) and we all agree the zoom level just feels clunky and you get a very unstratecgic look at battles. The game feels less exciting as the camera is just whipping back and forth for simple troop maneuvering.


after the first beta they expanded the zoom, if one of the complaints of those who say they come from competitive games is that the units are not differentiated, moving the camera further away would distinguish even less

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The game should add a further and closer perspective. The so-called “interfering with the selection and identification of units” is purely a false proposition, because it only needs to add a sight distance adjustment setting (like AoE3), which can meet the needs of all players, whether professional competitive players or single players who like to zoom in to see the details.

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This is a request older than the release , just like many other things.


There were such complaints before, but then those haters are persuaded by “You do not know how to enjoy the game by yourself. Nor do you have the ability to find a zoom level that you find comfortable. You will hurt yourself if you zoom out more. Also it’s a waste of the talented design of the game which can only be appreciated from this exact zoom level, not a little more or less. So the current zoom is actually good for you.”


You are correct, nobody is talking about the zoom now. Many have complained about it in the past, and are now waiting for them to fix it. We aren’t constantly creating new threads about it because we assume it is in their queue of things to work on. It’s possible a mod will be able to fix it when the update that supports mods is available, as it’s just a case of changing some parameters in the game. There are people who are already doing it using a cheat engine to change the values.

One workaround is to only play dry Arabia, as the lack of elevation variation makes the current camera less intolerable.

The game got serious texture issues compared to its beta version.
I remember the beta version had a much better texture in various areas.

The current AOE4 lacks texture and locked zoom in and out. An absolutely horrible decision for game makers.