Is overkill considered a bug?

Mostly notable if even doing attack move, archers for example often sink all their arrows in a single unit, not precalculating the shots actually needed to kill.

It certainly feels as a bug/not working correctly, but it might be intentionally to weaken range and force micro.

Anyway, I would prefer to have a intuitive bevavior for attack moving, with ranged units focusing on nearest interesting units in a certain cone and maybe pre calculations to avoid overkill at all. You could still focus fire and overwrite this behaviour.

Nope it is not a bug, it is how attack moving works in rts games such as aoe2 and starcraft (though starcraft is much less noticeable due to projectile speed). Ranged units are already pretty strong and don’t need extra buffs like this anyways.

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You are supposed to micro, which is another element to the skill ceiling. It should not be like a 4x game where the computer automatically calculates the outcome of the battle if you engage.


I played a good junk of sc2, but never had this feeling there. Overkill aside, I could swear they have a more intuitive way of focusing. Like having two groups of opposing forces, Stalkers would hit the nearest enemy in a certain visibility cone. In AoE4, it seems even when the forces are perfectly aligned, they focus fire one unit down.

I would test it, but currently on vaccination and sitting on a terrible connection, taking years to dl sc2 again.

It almost never happens due to unit hitbox sizes causing units to spread out farther and projectile speed so it happens much less often multiple units have projectiles mid-air targetting the same unit as there are generally less cases where many units have the same enemy as the closest unit to them combined. (in SC2)