Is posible to win playing rusia versus lakotas? they can have 28 vills at minute 7 and russia only around 20 at min 7

he can raid and i have to have my army on my eco, maybe i need to go age 3 instead of sending 5 cosacks cards. , Grabar partida.age3Yrec (3.5 MB)

they have 59 attack making all my units completely useless. Whats the point of saving on sources when iam not saving on quality of population?

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It is a hard match up for russia to be fair, but you can win by rushing them hard and keeping them off ressources.
You want to start musk/cossack then add streelets.
If the game gets to age 3 you are in trouble

Russia lost everything except for a strong initial attack. The price of their units shows that they are designed as an economic civilization, but they don’t get any good reviews except for the initial attack.

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This matchup absolutely sucks for Russia.

Most Lakota players will make cav in Age 2 and raid. Russia wants to build a forward FB and overwhelm, but in this matchup, Lakota cavalry mostly win because of Russia’s weak Age 2 anti-cav (weak musketeer, no halberdiers, and no cav archers). Cossacks are your best tank units in age 2. Strelet fall like paper and musks cant even hold axe riders off

The best I’ve done was to pressure the Lakota player more than they could pressure me. I herd like HELL back at home, and I mass musk/coss at my FB. I only try to engage if both cossacks and musks support each other, but I’m trying to stunt their eco more than they can with mine. If the trouble is too much near TC, I send cossack back and someone minutemen to hold it off.

Fighting is hard regardless. Lakota players withdraw their cav from bad situations, and the HP is so much to handle for Russia.

Age 3 isn’t great either - you get cav archers, but by then as you start to mass them, the Lakota players has already massed a lot of bow riders and rifle riders. And strelet can’t kill, and you have to save up for Manchu (which won’t change the game for you if they mass light cav). So it’s usually gg by then

My last game as russia i aged up with 17 vills, with first card 7 sheep+wagon. Military wagon age up + built a block house at base. was against a FF germany. Was getting raided, but the sheep + close hunts + crates allowed a FI. Musks and skrelets and heavy cannon + opk got me the win.