Is posssible to get a better match summary? with more specific statics?

for example we could see on building lost: houses, town centers, etc destroyed

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Graph with number of villager killed is super needed for team games too.

In team games you can’t say how efficient you were in specific fight. You can see that enemy is losing army but you don’t know if you killed his units or your teammate did.
It could definitely be improved.

Settlers you have allready covered via population of settlers/ settlers numbers.

Though ships are completely missing and it’d be nice if we would get a unit make up that we could filter per age / at any time.

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Yeah, but graph only shows number of villagers. It doesn’t give info about who raided and killed them (in case of team games). In 1v1 you can figure it out.

Good point about boats though.

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i mean you can infer it from the other graphs and memory. But yeah, it’s just like unit composition at a current time point in the graph, not really accessible.

I wpuld prefer real time resources, like AoM had since 2003

Just a simple graph to show raiding effectiveness:

Other chart with (units killed - units lost) ratio across time would be really nice for team games. It would show how effective you were at fighting. Above 0 means you fight well, below 0 means “bad”.

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always saying that.
we need a Capture Age level of summary and spectator mode for aoe3 to be upto modern standard of competitive rts/ steaming-friendly rts

as i said, i will pay for that as a dlc and then maybe quit my day time job for steaming aoe3

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