Is ranked dead?

One of these is literally happening 75% of the time:

  • People drop before the game even begins as soon as they see a higher opponent or map they don’t like
  • A person on your team drops immediately at start or if they lose their scout to TC haha (and congrats, you lose ranked points for it!)
  • One of your opponents teamates drop and they either quit or waste your time drawing out the game in spite
  • If you do get a match, you could be facing opponents nearly 3 full classes ahead of you. I had a match as Gold 1 with a Gold 3 teamate and we were up against two Diamond 3 players… just amazing. They literally just laughed at us in the chat

Seriously? is this the best you can do as developers? Where is the punishment for ppl leaving matchmaking? Lock them out of searching for a few hours! Where are the evenly ranked matchups? Make the game take longer to find a more even match - who cares if it takes 1-2 mins longer, at least you get a decent match.

I’ve never played an RTS with a worse ranked system than AoE4 - which is a shame, because the game is fun. But the amount of cheese and lack of new players is forcing this game out quickly.


mmm maybe thats the explanation for this

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Shouldn’t they be replaced by AI?

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today it reached 13k , not bad imo

holy week. its not an normal day as usual. previusly it happened with other events like the f2p weekend. Also only 13k is low for a game thta before could reach 20k on an normal day

I think the AI does a pretty consistent performance in terms of strategy, and playing against it on the “Hardest” level is a fairly good experience.


They could put the Ridiculous difficulty for platinum and diamond and the Outrageos difficulty for conqueror

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The AI must be improved to master maneuvering strategies, rather than just attacking. :crossed_swords: