Is real that all people only want to play Arabia?

First I love the game and thanks for the suport to this game, month by month.
And Now I talk about of topic, I desagree when the people that want the game just to be only arabia, I used to be this player on voobly, only play Arabia, but when DE II came out, I discovered to play many types of maps, I learned how to play water, other strategies as FC, drush + FC, how to play nomad, megarandom and theirs crazy maps, if you only play Arabia you will end up getting bored, I hope the new matchmaking doesnt harm multiporpuse players, because I heard that if you dont mark favorite map, you play the favorite map of your opponent, Thanks.


I really want to see what happens after the patch. We have so many maps that would be very sad to me to go back to play arabia (green arabia), black forest, land nomad and arena only like in the voobly years. Hope there is enough people that dont select preferred map and we can enjoy all the map pool. Lets see! :smiley:


I fully agree! I like to play different maps. Some just want to play Arabia, because they are used to.

Even in the new upcoming system you can still be sure to play all the different maps. Luckily you are not forced to play Arabia only.

I call not having to play just one map only a blessing to the game.


Just ban Arabia if you are tired of Arabia, so you can play other maps also frequently.


To make a long story short, it is mostly over a certain ELO and when you reach a certain level of competitiveness, that people are favouring Arabia over other maps. (not everyone though, there are exceptions, of course)

If you’re playing at a relatively low ELO, you probably won’t be faced with more Arabia than usual, or not by much, because people who just play casually do not care about competitiveness and actually enjoy map variety.

That being said, and considering the current map pool which is actually pretty decent for once; I’m pretty sure people even at the higher ELOs won’t be playing Arabia all the time. Even Arabia lovers will want to switch things up a bit here and there. But the fact that they will have the possibility to tag on Arabia (or at least have a high probability to do so) when they want to get Arabia games, is a good thing.

Let’s wait and see what the statistics of %played maps tell us once the new features get implemented.

If you want to avoid this, it’s simple. Mark a map as favorite (other than Arabia), and change your marked map every game.
Even in the worst case scenario where everyone Marks Arabia as favorite (which will probably not be the case), you’d still get it max 50% of the time if you have another map than Arabia marked as favourite.


For sure i wont get islands in 50% of the games if i mark it as favorite, because it will be banned a lot.

If you want to make sure you dont play Arabia too much, then just ban Arabia for a while. That is really the best solution.


:+1: Indeed that is a simple and efficient solution.

The new system is gonna be very flexible. Almost anyone can get close to what they want in terms of maps, but with respect to the actual popularity level of each of the maps.
Islands lovers won’t be able to play Islands very often (which is already the case in the current system), due to the fact that most people do not want to play Islands. Which is logical and fair.


I’m tired of playing Lombardia on Team Game Ranked… too close and people still my boar… annoying, Would like to get more ranked Arabia team games.


I think that’s just not the case for a lot of players.
I will very likely have Arabia as my favorite map nonstop at the beginning and try to play random mirror there - I really missed that. I don’t mind another map popping up here and there, but I really like the newly added ability to decide what map I want to play on.

As mentioned here before, if you don’t want that much Arabia, just ban it. I think it’s just fair that everyone can decide what he wants to play and then we will see how much Arabia it actually is.

Yes, that describes it pretty well in my opinion

It’s very interesting to me that they chose the new system that gives priority to your preferred map, it will do exactly what people are afraid of; heavily favor popular maps.

-It will reduce variety
-It will not guarantee controll over maps

Even if you wanted you could not wait longer to get an unpopular map.

It’s worse than opt-in in all regards, I don’t get it.

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Not in all regards. Since you’re guaranteed to still have at least one map unbanned, queue time will be much quicker than opt-in. Although I would prefer to make the trade-off of longer queue time for the map I want to play.

Its not worse than the current system i think you’re missing how it will actually work.

Prefer islands, ban Arabia, BF and arena. You will never play the banned ones, and you will force others to play islands more often than the current system (remember the 50/50 chance split and even higher since others won’t have preffered maps)

Yes you will still sometimes play the rest of the maps in the pool but to do otherwise would create an even more stagnant queue.

1 guy queue for islands
1 queue for BF
1 queue for arabia
And it goes on

But a lot of others wouldn’t. In this day of instant gratification imo the devs have to balance between impatience and player preference

Can you read minds? No honestly, it’s totally fine if that applies for you and you want to play several maps but that doesn’t translate into other people feeling the same.

Same here, after DE came out I enjoyed playing different maps but after a couple of months I got really bored, precisely because I missed the variety arabia has to offer (besides many maps just being straight up bad).

And it’s neither real that all people want to play only arabia nor that all want to play a larger amount of maps. It’s just that the number of people that want to play predominantly arabia seems to be continuously increasing.



Its not worse than the current system i think you’re missing how it will actually work.

I am comparing it to opt-in. Obviously it’s better than the current system.

The thing is, if time was an issue you would not pick one map, but select more (perhaps include popular ones)… I don’t get the issue.

Yes you will still sometimes play the rest of the maps in the pool but to do otherwise would create an even more stagnant queue.

Not true, it would just mean some maps are played more than others. It just depends on what you select.


queue time will be much quicker than opt-in.

It depends on the maps. Opt-in can also be faster.

And the new system does not guarantee controll, which means essentially an infinite queue time for particular maps.

Opt in is only good for players that prefer one map only and dont care about longer waiting times for everyone. Opt in will results in increased queueing times for everyone (including the most popular map!) and it will push the community to just play one map only. Both are pretty bad if you ask me.


You do realize that popular maps are not popular because some evil person decided to label them “popular” in order to be annyoing to everyone, but because there are a lot of people who like that map?!
So people are afraid a map, which a lot of people like, will be showing up more often?!
That’s quite a weird view to have if you think about it.

To be fair: A weak point of the system is that there is no “I just want variety” option - but that could be easily fixed if the system doesn’t favor a player with a favorite map, if the other person doesn’t have one selected. The system should just go 50-50 for each players favorite map and if one player doesn’t have one, it will pick one of the unbanned maps at random.

But other than that I think the new system is very good.


But opt-in would allow you to balance it. If you want a game as quick as possible, you pick all maps. If you only want Islands, you pick Islands but have to wait longer. If you want somewhere inbetween it’s up to you.

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I know, I am a purely 1v1 Arabia player myself. However I am looking for a system that will benefit us who like popular maps, but also those who like unpopular ones. Some might be content only queueing for specific maps, others want variety.

Opt-In is the only system that finds a fair balance between all these modes.

In the past when I spoke in favor of it, there were always 2 main arguments against it;

-It’s bad because it will heavily favor popular maps
-It’s bad because elo needs to be averaged across the whole map pool

The interesting thing is that the new system throws these arguments out of the window, however now everyone doesn’t seem to care anymore…

I hope people will realise the benefits of opt-in, and the devs will reconsider the system once more.


There is no perfect system. Everything has pros and cons, where the pros and cons even differ from player to player. In the end everyone has to do concessions and i think the current concessions are acceptable to me. I already suggestion a system like this for this reason. The concessions for an opt-in system are not acceptable to me. I already explained this in another thread:

I see only additional disadvantages to an opt-in system compared to the announced changes.

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