Is relic entertainment on the new star wars RTS?

There was a major leak that another Star Wars Rts than the one made by bit reactor is in developpement by a big name in the game dev world.

Do you believe it is relic ?

if yes i hope this time they will use realistic graphics and inspire themselves from galactic battlegrounds.

if it is the case that would explain why little work has been done on AOE IV in 2 years.

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Have you seen the PUP for Season 5?


I hope not. AoEIV deserves to have a long life cycle. The game has a lot of untapped potential and this update is a step in the right direction.


Yes, but i think that many consider the game as a middle potential success. As it never really make it threw the majority of the community of rts players. Even worse the number of purchasers/players ratio is not really great. I still consider the graphics and certain lack of gameplay features at launch as being the cause. Even if they try to complete the game right now i think that many people still have the vision of the game at launch and they wont come back.

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for a game which is almost 2 years old things didn’t evolve quickly but rather extremely slowly


I don’t mind if there is already AoE 5 in the work and they learnt the mistakes from AoE 4.

But I think they will at least try to make the base game free and see how it works (similiar to SC2), before abandon it.

That’s not an answer, but okay.

It’s free with xbox pass. I do not see any reason to make it free, while having it in xbox pass.

and making it’s free wont change a lot.
in sc2 you had to buy DLC to play multiplayer - it was annoying to even return but play on outdated version.
here - you have audience from xboxpass + old players with base game.

but they can copy League approach: 2 free civs with rotation within week, than Xbox keeps its value with all civs free.

Can play multiplayer with a free account in SC2. Or are you referring to the paid co-op commanders?

after the failure of coh 3 and aoe 4 I doubt anyone will buy new rts from relic so probably their focus should be on improving this ones

I never thought about it like that. Yeah it seems very unlikely a big company would risk and ask them to develop a star wars rts.

sry, I was referring how sc2 worked before they made multiplayer free.
it had 2 different multiplayers, and you could not paly MP in base game (technically you could, but it was different MP with no players).

In aoe4 (probably) if you bought base game, you still recieve actual multiplayer, but with new civs locked.

issues similar, but not 100% same.

So how are you defining the word “failure”?

Cause those two games are in pretty different positions currently.

Top 200 in sales on steam? Top 100 in most played on steam? 85% positive reviews? Apparently those are allowed within your definition, so it must be quite broad.

What isn’t a “failure” then? Games you personally like?

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go look for some videos in youtube, you will get your answer, don’t have time to explain you basic stuff

Well I doubt there is a video that explains your personal arbitrary definition of “failure” unless you made one yourself.

AoE4, with less time, has generated more money in sales than AoE2. It was not the expected success, but the comparisons are hateful, but sometimes necessary.

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I don’t think any of us even know what the “expected success” was. How would we know if it’s doing better or worse than they projected?

But as you point out and as I did above there are some pretty objective measurements of success we can see.

And if success is just relative, well AoE4 is more successful than most games are.

In the recent sales aoe4 was in the top 10 at one stage. All age games are making money for Microsoft everyday. Depends which game they want to support more, 20 year old games with plenty or content or there newest game that needs more

Aoe4 became the top seller for over 2 entire weeks on steam, had 73k players on its first day lol

Believe me, aoe4 did sell and a lot considering on launch it was on full price.

I saw it had a lot of players but after the first days the number of active players didn’t stop to decrease which means the gameplay or the graphics or both weren’t good enough for people to stay playing.

In my case i went back to aoe 2 de and barely touched aoe iv again and i know it is the case of many.

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