Is the AI a little too weak now?

So I played a game as british vs hauden AI to practice some build orders and I noticed the AI was stuck for well over 30 minutes on just 45 workers. This is the hardest AI, which used to be very strong before the patch. 48 minutes into the game, the AI finally started making more workers, but by that time I was imperial age and it was fortress age so I just rolled over it. In those 30 minutes the AI did try to attack, but it essentially went all-in.

Has anyone else experienced weaker AIs after the update?

You have a case of what i call the AI commerce age purgatory.

The more you kill AI units in commerce age, the more it trains units to throw away. It doesn’t save money for advancing and keeps going all in Commerce age. Soon it is stuck in commerce with no coin in the bank.

Vil count is designed to be capped at 45 in the commerce age.

Its been happening since last patch.