Is the British Immigrants card useless?

I don’t think there’s really any reason to take this card. What do other people think?

It is completely useless, because by Age 4, you will already have most the Vills you need anyway.
Fast Industrial is not even viable, with any civ, anymore. Game is too fast and aggressive for that, which is a good thing.

They should replace it with a better card, one that does something useful. Maybe a Jewish Immigrants card that ships a 2nd bank? During the 19th century (so fitting for an Age 4 card) there was a large influx of Jews coming from Germany, and many founded investment banks in the states. In fact, many important American banks were founded by Jewish immigrants.

That would be based, and we cannot have that here!

Also, 2 Banks would definitely be too strong, since the USA already has an amazing Economy, if you know how to play them.


Maybe give that as their only bank and replace the Dutch Immigrants card with something else?

I’m sure the Dutch Immigrants card delivering a bank seems mechanically sound, but it makes more sense to have Jewish Immigrants build a bank thank Dutch ones, I can’t really find anything about banks being funded by Dutch Immigrants to the U.S. ever being a major thing.

I’m assuming you mean the card that makes town centers AND manors able to train settlers but at a slower speed for balance, yeah I don’t find much use for it either, I had it on my deck at first to test it, but truly there are better stuff to send at that point in the game.

HOWEVER, I saw a video (I think Aussie Drongo) making an interesting use of the card by REVOLUTIONS, see, when you revolt you lose all your settlers, so what’s better than getting it back to 99 with 3 town centers? Using the 3TC and the 20 manors to get them potentially 4 times faster.

I recently saw that strategy so I’ll check it out myself to see if I can come back from a revolution as fast as it could be.

Nevertheless, amazing what some can do with the cards with a little creativity.

Maybe, I never used the California revolution card before. Games rarely last long enough.

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With California Age IV state, I’d rather send the card that allows me to train vils for free like the Ottomans. The British Immigrants card is the worst immigrant card IMO.

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Indeed, however, speaking about the same age IV card but playing as the British which (means the card “Estates”) you can pretty much do the same after a common revolution.