Is the community less toxic at higher elos?

Heya iv started playing this game again after a while in haitus. What iv noticed is different is people never gg, accuse you of cheating, had one guy start throwing racial slurs at me the other day (im white but yknow its still bad.) People also dont bother playing properly a lot of them will resign(often ragequit) as soon as they see one knight in there woodline, if your 1k about them and score and start trebbing there badly placed castle in the face or if there awfully late flush just doesnt work and you hit castle before them.

Im currently between 850 and 900, had a few good games but they seam to be few and far between. On gameranger noob games people used to play in a nicer way and would give you a game even if they were behind. Im hoping to get myself up to 1k in a few months time, wondering if the community gets a bit better.


Generation z is full of people who don’t like waiting, have little to no temperament and whine at everything and accuse easily as well as insult often. Luckily that means those ones will probably gravitate to the lower elos if not leave the game as quickly as they come, tho that’s unlucky for the kind manners types new players. / higher elo should have more mature types. Tho trolls exist at all levels, the type of troll matters.


I also noticed that people on se don’t tend to give their enemy some time to recover to get a proper game going. Its not fun to win easily either, since I am not playing for the win. But ranked gamers don’t think like that


Yep, the comunity is way better at higher ELOs. When DE was launched and me and my friends were digging throughout the ranked ladder we had several ocasions of which people called us names and threw all kinds of slurs at us. Calling us cheaters and stuff.

Today I’m at 14++ 1v1 ELO and around 25++ TG elo and it basically never happens. Sending GG at the end of games is a given thing. Most times when we happen to argue with other players its because we are playing againsta argentinians (I’m brazilian) and there is a very strong rivalry between Brazil and Argentina in basically any sport or game you can conceive. But that’s just cultural.

In general, in higher ELO people tend do respect others and usually when you win, the other player will whatch the recorded game to know what he missed or mistake he comitted (and vice-versa).

My advice for you is try to master one or two build orders to get to around 12++ 1v1 ELO and the toxicity will decrease considerably.

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Well if you are playing ranked, people will, of course, go for the meta. They will rush you and kill you as soon as possibile. That’s the challenge of Age of Empires, defend, attack, age up and all. You get better when you start to learn build orders and stuff.

If you want to play nice and slow, I’d recomend you go to lobbies and play maps with treaty or diplomacy. If you go to quick play or ranked, of course people will wreak you as soon as they can.

So far I have played about 50 (ranked) games 1vs1. My elo is about 750-800. Reading your posts it seems like I’m lucky to not have encountered any real toxic players yet. One player entered “11” in chat after winning, but is this really toxic?

I would say it depends. I’ve seen quite some toxic high ELO players belittling other players too, especially on the forums.

Unpopular opinions but I really don’t like Hera and T90’s Low Elo Legend series on that regard. Hera’s tryharding too strongly and think’s highly of himself make him come off as very arrogant and T90’s Low Elo Legends series is at the limit of making fun of bad players.


If you’d even watched half of the low elo legends videos you would notice that he points out mistakes and gives tips and such, it’s not just making fun of the players. He makes fun of other players as well, it is part of his persona. And almost every single low elo legend on youtube has a comment from one of the players, thanking him for the tips


If you say, I’m still not really a fan of this series because I have the feeling that even if it started with good intentions some ill-minded people are using it to just laugh at others. I don’t know, if I would be on that level, I wouldn’t want my matches to be streamed for thousands of people.

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over here at 13XX elo people gg after losing and never insult you. There does seem to be more of an etiquette at higher elos but i think it starts just above 1000 tbh

The less tryharding, the friendlier. So probably the lowest of the low on the ladder as well as the top 20 are probably some of the least toxic people on the ladder. The LEL don’t really care about winning and the Top 20 are playing this game so intensively, they can’t engage too much emotionally in a match. It would be wasted effort for the next one.


We all can learn a lot from low elo legends

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I know how to defend a rush and usually just wall my wood/gold if there going scouts. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. But ill play on until imp, hell sometimes I can even turn it round if there booming skills are not great (although my lategame is my weakness.)

My issue is people resigning saying you cheated if you defend the flush and get knights or just get your 2 tcs up before they can really do any damage.

I played sc2 in WOL and was never good (bronze to gold leagues.) But people ggd and would play on if there cheesy strat didnt work.

Yeah but I know for a fact a lot of people can win against my pushes. I know this from doing lots of 1v1s with a friend. He is slow at rm but used to be an 18xx dm player back on the zone.

Iv also turned around pushes. These people dont even try, you kill there army and start trebbing one of there forward castles (cos they also love to chuck a castle on your woodline, no problem just move your eco lol.) Then they resign.

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Mastering one build order can get you to 12xx? Didn’t expect it was that easy, cos after the knight rush/flush the game develops naturally though guess being able to pick civ helps with getting the order right, are you expected to pick or go random these days? Seams 95% of people pick.

There are foul people in everything but you can’t judge the whole thing because of a few dirtbags

People not writing gg isn’t big deal. Not everyone know what it stand for, not everyone can type meanwhile focusing on game either.

People give up too easy, sure. They’re about to get stomped, but they have a decent chance to comeback.
But they panic and click townbell and then resigns. People avoid early combat too often in LEL, they are too confident in turtling up.

Some tilts when I steal their sheep/boar or kill of their deer/boar. Always funny. Happened to me today, had a laugh about it, managed to take geese back.

Just play, adapt to situation. People being rude doesn’t happen that often, just report them.

If you’re typing gg than you don’t need to focus on the game

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Lol yeh. I misread, thought it also said something about glhf etc


Reading your post I get the sence that you like to talk down on people that havent learned the game enough already. Start with your own behaviour and I think you will get less toxic talk.