Is the Complete Collection viable in 2020?

I have a relatively low-end PC and I really want to get into AoE: III and I thought about getting AoE: III CC instead of DE, though I have a higher PassMark than the minimum system requirements I am still baffled on which one to get, and I really need to make a decision.

If it’s for single player, I would say it’s actually better.
If it’s for multiplayer, probably not. Won’t have as many people there.

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There are quite a few people that still play to be fair.
There are people that even play on vanilla only which is funny.


I’d buy DE, CC won’t have new updates instead of definitive edition. I think you could run it at lowest settings

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buy DE from microsoft for 1$ to see how the game runs on ur pc

You can try out the game with the Xbox Gamepass for PC.
It includes all the AoE Definitive Editions and a lot of other games.

Viability depends on taste of course. No Swedes or Inca if you don’t get the DE.
I did have a couple of problems with the old AoE3 on modern systems.

btw. we have 2021 now.

Until DE I only played on vanilla for years and years, and we were a lot, even at pr30+ ^^

Most of us simply didnt liked TAD and WS nations…

Right now there’s still rooms at low lvl, but for 20€ I’d actually buy it with no hesitation if I was the host, and then switch to DE once i’d have a better pc

I always play single-player and I don’t mind the UI. I’m a kid I don’t care if the game runs at 3fps as long as it’s fun.