Is the Complete History bundle a death sentence?

So there’s a new bundle on steam called Complete History that includes all the dlc released so far as well as the base game and the soundtrack. At first it seemed great… until I noticed that aoe2 de, which is older than aoe3 de, didn’t get a complete history bundle as well. Does this mean aoe3 won’t be getting any new dlc in the future? Is this it? If that’s the case, I hope the devs reconsider. AoE3 is better than ever

I think we had a similar bundle with US and Mexio IIRC. Such deals are typically to get more people in rather than announce the end of a game.


Yeah it still exists. It’s not called “complete” history though, and didn’t include the base game nor the african royals

I’d say the word “complete” is there to tell you you have access to everything that has been released so far.

But on the other hand you could be right, but from my perspective the game has been keeping constant player count and it isn’t necessarily doing worse than before. The game changed quite a lot and this is probably a grab to attract more players on Steam, maybe some from the various community versions that exist out there.

As far as I know, aoe2DE and aoe3DE are handled by the same company, it is sort of a packaged deal.

The huge euro DLC is still quite new, so ending the game dev right now would be very bad management lol.

You may be right on that. The truth is the devs have managed the last few months really well. Knights of mediterranean, followed by a “small” patch, followed by a huge patch, all leading up to steam summer sale. A complete history bundle fits their strategy perfectly. I hope you’re right.

Either way, they definitely won’t end support anytime soon, my only worries were about new dlc