Is the E3 Trailer the current state of the game?

Do we have any confirmation of this??

Since the Fan Preview incident in which we saw footage from different times (like the huge arrows and scale problem) apparently were months old footage that was put in the video.

I was wondering if the trailer shown in the E3 represents the actual state of the game at the time it was shown or it also has some old footage?

The E3 footage has for sure been recorded after the Fan Preview but how much is something no one here can tell you.

Making a trailer takes a bit of time so likely the scenes they used for that are a bit older.
The few unedited gameplay scenes might have been fairly new.

We only know for sure that it was long enough after the Fan Preview for them to implement the changes.
So I’d guess somewhere between one month after the fan preview and one week before E3.


Anyways, not too many time to the release. I think the marketing is not working, they should have shown some more gameplay to see how fun it is because at least if the graphics are not top you can expect it will be good, but now, we only have unpolished images

I would assume the version in a trailer is most of the time around 2 weeks to a month older when the trailer releases.
However they wouldnt show parts which they want to redesign completely, I think.
So we will probably already see fixes to some animationes etc, but not to sccaling. However they may now be working on the E3 feedback.

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If I’m not mistaken, Adam Isgreen said a few days after the Fan Preview that the arrows where already changed and that the footage was months old. We don’t know the exact date, but maybe they were changed even before the Fan Preview trailer was shown.


Thank you good sir! That’s enough for me :slight_smile:

In the other hand, i really hope to see in the future more actual gameplay with the HUD and everything, like a full lengh match or something like that.
Despite the fact that for me it kinda seems they need to fix some animations and scale issues, i’m really hyped to play it and very pleased for how it looks.

I’m also waiting for another strategy game, in the 4x genre, Humankind. There is a lot of actual gameplay videos on Youtube. Hours and hours of it. I wonder why World’s Edge doesn’t do the same. I know there is a lot to polish yet but welp, still they could show us more of the game and i can’t understand why they don’t do it.


Just look at the Feedback in the Forums or other places.
So many people hate on the game already and they just showed so little.
I can understand why they are afraid to show more.
It’s not unlikely that they had plans to show more and even already start the beta but the feedback was a lot more negative than expected.


Yeah that’s true I’m afraid. A lot of people already hate the game before even putting their hands on it.

Still, i believe we deserve more than just a few seconds of real gameplay.

Also, it’s funny how the XO 2019 trailer looks way better than the last footage show. Even scale looks a bit better!


that entirely depends on what you wish graphicswise, I like the current looks much more. scaling may be possible though, as it probably was changed in development a lot. Or it was the camera angle back then.

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