Is the game worth it after the last patch

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask you if the game is worth it after the last patch, with the map editor, the rankeds etc. And if enough people play the game after this.

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I mean , yeah . It’s worth it .

Mods and new content made by people are reviving the game and the new mega random is awesome .

Performance seems better , at least for me .

There are a lot of good things .

I recommend seeing videos of YouTube .


Depends, if you are playing civs that didn’t receive any attention, then no. They caused more balance issues now.

If you didn’t like the core gameplay before, you won’t like it now. The only thing that has changed significantly is the balance and content.

If you didn’t mind that, then, yes, the game is better now than it was before, and if you own the game, you may as well give it another go.


I mean if you like teamgames like me, theres still an absurd amount of random crashes and unwarranted ragequits with no repercussions. The latest patch is a nice balance change, but the tech behind it all is still really bad. Elden ring on max graphics settings runs smoother than AoE4 on medium settings.
It’s sad because I really enjoy the core gameplay

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It is.
I have played over 400 online games now, and with the new balance changes, things are better than ever.

And not to forget, the mods and Mega random!


keybinds are pretty much fully customizable & decoupled now which is great, they added a few new useful ones too :slight_smile:

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nope. it still bugged and the core design is not fixed. Only play it on gamepass for 1 or 2 months. At least is cheap there

they are better then the godawful mess on release day, but there’s still no alternative to grid, aka all binds being individual, and just as importantly we can’t have conflicting hotkeys, aoe3 had this figured out in 2005, why is it suddenly a problem
aoe4’s biggest problem is still snail pace at which missing features get implemented, if the game was just released with season 1 update, i’d be way more forgiving