Is the game worth it now?

After getting it on sales a few months ago, I think the game isn’t for me. This is what I dislike from AoE 4:

  • I dislike the cartoony looks on the units, the ships are also too small compared to the land units
  • the campaigns felt boring for me, it’s presented to you as a documentary rather than a story like the previous games, so I felt detached from it.
  • the building scaling is way off imo (even though previous games do this too, I barely noticed it)
  • color palette looks pasty?
  • despite the superb environment, it felt lifeless for some reason.
  • somehow it reminds me of a mobile game

I haven’t touch the multiplayer yet since I never played multiplayer against other people, but from what I heard AoE 4 is specialized on multiplayer and tournaments so If you like competitive play you should give this a go I think…


There’s no trolls except the ones who spam but ones that actually show the real picture about the game. The game feels incomplete for civs, features, etc. reddit is not an healthier place to begin with. I also criticize the lack of awareness and how they take critics regardless it is constructive or not. Even 1 player DM me anout the issue along with other ones.

Do you play any other RTS games?

This ones interesting to me because I’ve seen people say it and yet they play SC2 or AoE2 where the scaling of units is even more off (to comically ridiculous levels in SC). The same is true of building scaling.

People have also thrown this around and I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean. Usually they said it about the graphics which is pretty silly.

I’ve played SC2, AoE 2, AoE 3, AoM, a bit of Crusader Kings, also previously played Manor Lords too (man that game is something else when it releases) , but the key point for me is on the quote. I can’t tell how they made it unnoticable on previous games, but on AoE 4 it’s too hard for me to ignore how weird a Caravel is docked near a Cavalry unit

For me it feels like I’m staring at a MOBA game for some reason, yeah it reminds me of DOTA 2. I think this is an artistic approach?

Hmm well AoE2 and Starcraft definitely have worse unit scaling. Look at AoE2 ships and they are even a bit smaller compared to units. SC is obviously in an entirely different realm of innacurate since its ships should all be way, way bigger, as well as most of the vehicles.

You’re just used to those. Nothing about those games is hiding it. RTS always has to be loose with its scaling or it becomes unplayable.

Dota is not a mobile game though. There’s also not an overarching consistent level, or style, or artistic approach of graphics for mobile games. There also isn’t for MOBAs for that matter.

There are 8, 16, 32, etc, bit graphic mobile games. Ones with graphics on par with AoE2, ones far better. Cartoony, realistic, etc, art styles.

the thing with scaling has lots to do with production buildings being reduced from 3x3 tiles to 2x2 in last year of development, with no proper adjustment to verticality, resulting in tiny towers, doors that are small enough for half a soldier, as well as how off it looks next to a properly scaled building like town center, unit scaling is just typical RTS stuff, but in case of 4, they messed up production buildings

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Production buildings are 3x3 right now though. Houses and farms are 2x2.

TCs, keeps, landmarks, markets, etc… are 4x4.

As far as tiles go it’s the same for almost every building between AoE2 and AoE4. The AoE2 siege workshop is 4x4 though and farms are 3x3.

I was mainly referring to unit scaling above though. I would not say that AoE2 has worse building scaling. It does some thing with elements of buildings like doors for example to maybe hide it a bit better than AoE4.

Now that I replayed the trailer from 2019, I’m positive they changed something from the Pre- alpha gameplay because I remembered how I was literally giggling like a maniac for how awesome the trailer was. Perhaps the shade effects or lack of contrast from the current graphics?

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big one is lighting angle, trailer didn’t hide any reflections like puddles, and it looks less sharpened on edges, not quite sure why that is, and yes, trailer has consistent building scale, and much smaller units


Yeah lots of things are different than that early trailer.

They did resize things after that, mainly because units were too small for gameplay relative to buildings, even though they were more accurate.

There are also definitely differences as far as color and contrast as well.

They also upped the size of weapons quite a bit for readability. They lowered them some later after more player feedback.

Things were definitely still being developed and they were getting feedback from the player council.

personally i’m not sure if relying on weapon to identify a unit is good, but this game does smt special thats straight out of SCII, when you research a weapon update, it changes the weapon on unit model, same goes for shields, camel armor and i think even blacksmith updates

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Yeah those visual upgrades are neat.

my only issue with that is that game’s visuals on units don’t do them justice, some are a pain to notice

These can all be fixed pretty easily using reshade (assuming your PC hardware is capable of running with the graphics settings maxed out to start with). With reshade and maxed graphics settings, it looks far better to me than any other AoE game, or SC2.

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If you know for certain that’s how it works, why did you ask? I don’t notice the behaviour you describe, but the units don’t have range circles around them for me to be absolutely certain of where possible targets are relative to their range.

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reshade as in amd adrenaline software?
would like to see what that looks like, don’t have proper hardware at my disposal atm

AMD adrenaline might be able to do some of the same things, but I’m talking about this generic 3rd party software:


It is a dead game and isnt even close to being worth it.

They made a dlc free just to keep it alive is all I tell you.


This would be an example of the unreasonable and unpleasant people that I was referring to earlier:

Ignore such people before you make your own judgment.


10, 000 + playing on Steam currently. At least that much or more on Gamepass.
“daed game”
OK broski