Is the new DLC something different?


Only 2 new achievements. Does this imply the DLC is not for adding new civs, it is something else?
Perhaps regional skins dlc is finally coming?

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I think it will be the new agepass someone found out… you complete tasks in agepass and unlock new skins and stuff

No, those achievements are almost certainly for the First Punic War and Ascent of Egypt RoR campaigns that were in the PuP.


so nothing for base game?

I very much doubt it with those two.

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When DOI was first uploaded to the Steam DB did it have all its achievements already? Maybe they just haven’t finalized the achievements list yet

Are there only two additional campaigns in the PUP for ROR? I thought the learning campaign (ascent of Egypt) and THREE campaigns were going to be added to ROR? I suppose they needn’t be added all at once but still.

Agepass? Never heard about that. What do you mean?

The goal is 4, but only 2 have been recreated so far.


its like battlepass for AOE 2

Perhaps,but there should have a dlc like Dynasty of India this year according to the roadmap,I guess.

Let me know if there is anything that points to Caucasus civs.

I already made a post saying what those achievements are:

Its possible that its just a DLC that remakes elephants, some new balance changes, brings some more unit options to all civs.

This is just a campaign update for return of rome nothing much

Check the achievements you yourself. Go to “global etc”, go to the bottom and click to spoiler them.