Is the release date too soon?

So 3DE will be launched October 15th, to be fair it just feels so pushed not sure why, remember the release of 1DE and 2DE (A lot of bugs at the first hours release).
Even the minimal specs are lower that I expected but please try to make that true (Personally I can run 1DE and 2DE without problems in my laptop but with 3DE I have my doubts).


I don’t think so. Age 3 also had beta way before the release, and they are saying they will have another one between now and the launch. So hopefully lot of things have been or will be ironed out. And this DE took little longer too. Fingers crossed nonetheless. Even if they push the release I am fine.

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I too was surprised by the minimum requirements. They would have had to make serious efforts to fix the lag, forget about optimizing the game for lower end PCs. Anyways, there will be beta sessions upcoming, hopefully the issues will be sorted by release.